Amazon launches home shopping channel to help sellers increase sales

For Amazon sellers, increasing sales and account security are all important things. Recently, two new news related to the seller’s business: Amazon launched the Amazon live home shopping channel; 80% of US companies expect serious violations in 2019… 1. Amazon launches Amazon live’s home shopping channel Amazon announced its own home shopping channel called Amazon[…]

Latest: A heavyweight function at Meiya Station is open to ordinary sellers

Currently, Amazon has opened a feature in the seller center of the US station – brand analysis. This feature is valuable to sellers and helps brand owners make informed strategic decisions about their product portfolio, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Previously, the brand analytics feature was only available to Amazon suppliers, with pricing starting at $30,000.[…]

Amazon changes its business structure and returns to big sales

Amazon India has resumed operations and the site is changing its business structure to comply with the new federal e-commerce regulations that came into effect last week. Two sources said that one of the biggest sellers on Amazon India has returned. India’s revised foreign direct investment rules came into effect on February 1st, which prohibits[…]