Africa’s three major e-commerce markets and six major e-commerce websites

In the e-commerce sector alone, Africa’s three largest economies dominate. West African countries have the largest number of e-commerce sites in Nigeria, and 40% of e-commerce companies in Africa are based in Nigeria. However, the West African country has a 48% Internet penetration rate. With an Internet penetration rate of 79% in Kenya and the[…]

shock! Japan’s Amazon actually forced merchants to return points and was investigated by the anti-monopoly department.

Yesterday, I just discovered that Japanese dock workers are going to hold a nationwide strike. Today, the anti-monopoly department will start investigating Amazon! It is reported that Japan’s anti-monopoly regulator’s Fair Trade Commission is scheduled to investigate Amazon Japan on the 27th to confirm whether a new service on the e-commerce platform violates antitrust laws.[…]

The monthly sales of 5 million US dollars, Chinese sellers with a burst of explosives to open up the European and American markets!

Recently, Chinese fashion brand Orolay has attracted the attention of the American media. The brand’s winter jacket is called “Amazon jacket” and has become another popular European and American product after Laoganma. And the seller of the product, Chinese seller Qiu Jiawei, with a monthly sales of 5 million US dollars. More than 6,000 comments,[…]

Seller’s Note: The fastest growing category in the European market is it!

In 2017, 500 European retailers took market share from offline competitors, with overall online sales up 13.9%, while Western Europe’s total retail sales grew only 2.6%. Amazon will be able to distance itself from its major European competitors, achieving a 21.2% growth in the region and operating e-commerce sites in six countries. Amazon’s growing dominance[…]

European e-commerce new rules, the platform can no longer freely seal the seller account!

Europe introduces new regulations for e-commerce Last week, when everyone was still immersed in the romance of Valentine’s Day, the European Commission released a message that the EU negotiators agreed to develop new European rules to improve the fairness of online platform trading behavior. It is reported that the day before Valentine’s Day, Ouzhou·Conference, Ou·Min·Lee,[…]

Amazon has finally voiced and will crack down on some unfair competition!

It is reported that some Amazon employees were suspected of leaking internal sales and keyword data last year, removing negative product reviews in exchange for bribes, and selling customer email addresses to sellers. Of course, Amazon is not allowed to do this. After the incident, these employees were fired! In November of last year, “Amazon[…]

New sellers on new products sold 2,400 pieces in two months!

Last summer, an alumnus of our school gave me an opportunity to learn how to purchase OEM products, then post them on Amazon and optimize them according to Amazon’s product ranking algorithm to generate organic sales. Today, I want to share with you my sales experience on Amazon and some lessons I have learned. What[…]

Amazon launches home shopping channel to help sellers increase sales

For Amazon sellers, increasing sales and account security are all important things. Recently, two new news related to the seller’s business: Amazon launched the Amazon live home shopping channel; 80% of US companies expect serious violations in 2019… 1. Amazon launches Amazon live’s home shopping channel Amazon announced its own home shopping channel called Amazon[…]

Latest: A heavyweight function at Meiya Station is open to ordinary sellers

Currently, Amazon has opened a feature in the seller center of the US station – brand analysis. This feature is valuable to sellers and helps brand owners make informed strategic decisions about their product portfolio, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Previously, the brand analytics feature was only available to Amazon suppliers, with pricing starting at $30,000.[…]