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In the last one or two months, David Law Firm, who has acted as a proxy for several brands such as Snowflake, has once again begun to act. The beauty brand Instantly Ageless and the beauty brand LIQUID PALISADE have launched rights protection at almost the same time, and another batch of sellers have become defendants. .

What exactly is LIQUID PALISADE? This is a famous nail polish anti-overflow gel, which is highly sought after by overseas people.

Its trademark status is as follows:

Since yesterday, the exchange on “infringement LIQUID PALISADE” has increased among sellers. One seller said that he received an email notification as early as January 4, but he did not see it in time until he later discovered that the account funds had been frozen. Another seller seems to be even worse. The entire store was frozen due to infringement of the brand, and even the funds that should have been received on the 1st were not received. The Wish platform stated in the notice that the seller’s payment has been suspended and will not be paid.

The notice stated that this was due to a temporary restraining order (TRO). The seller was named the defendant in a lawsuit filed by Liquid PALISADE trademark owner Kiesque, Incorporated in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. According to the order in the lawsuit, Wish has been ordered to freeze the seller’s merchant account, which means it will not be able to pay the funds that would have been paid to the seller. In addition, the directive allows Kiesque to suspend your store (which means the seller will not be able to post products for sale on the Wish platform).

However, as of now, the seller’s store can still continue to sell products that are not litigation or related to the Kiesque trademark. Some sellers said they would suspend their breath, but they could sell other goods. However, according to the experience of the seller, only the opening of the holiday mode is the best choice. The reason is that the ban is different from the previous one. The law firm does not require direct fines, but freezes all the seller’s money, which means Before the defendant’s seller and the plaintiff settled, how much the seller sold was deducted, which is much more than the operation of directly closing the store.

In addition, if the seller fails to appear in the lawsuit, Kiesque’s attorney may make a default decision and may then order all payments from the seller’s merchant account to Kiesque.


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