Amazon Australia: Prime strikes, are you ready?

In response to the Australian government’s recently introduced taxation policy, Amazon decided to ban Australian consumers from visiting their overseas sites starting July 1. Therefore, Australian consumers are quite resistant to Amazon.

In order to ease the dissatisfaction of Australian consumers with Amazon, Amazon launched the long-awaited Prime membership service.

Australian Prime Benefits

After subscribing to the Prime membership, Australian consumers can enjoy two-day delivery service, Prime Video, Prime Reading, Twitch Prime and other benefits for free.

For overseas products, free shipping is available for over $49.

Australian Prime costs

The Prime Prime subscription fee in Australia is A$6.99/month or A$59/year, which is approximately half of the Prime subscription fee in the United States. In order to attract Australian consumer registration, the monthly membership fee is only A$4.99 before January 31, 2019. It rose to A$6.99/month.

The Amazon Prime service is free for a 30-day trial period. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can manually cancel the membership.

Australian Prime Impact on Sellers

The Amazon Australia station was only officially opened in December 2017, but the growth rate is surprising, the competition is relatively small, and the market opportunity is huge.

Due to Australia and North America, the United Kingdom, the language and cultural habits are basically the same, there is a huge Facebook, Google user group, coupled with the unique Australian local discounts, I believe that Chinese sellers in the Australian market selection and promotion will be relatively easy.

Australian consumers are the first to pay attention to free shipping, while Prime member services provide customers with free distribution, free music, video and other services, is bound to increase sales.

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