Facebook gives benefits to sellers, and a big wave of red nets is your choice!

Acebook allows sellers to trade directly with Net Red It is understood that Facebook is testing a red platform, where sellers can find online reds matching their own products for product promotion, off-site drainage, and increase exposure on Facebook. This is really a big deal. Benefits ~~ As shown above, the seller can select different[…]

In order to restore the lost Prime members, Amazon offers a 10% discount on the total food

At the end of last month, Amazon raised Prime’s membership fee and scared off half of its members, perhaps to restore the situation. It began offering 10% discounts to Prime members at Whole Foods. Amazon offers Prime members 10% discount at Whole Foods Supermarket This Wednesday, at the Whole Foods store in Florida, Amazon has[…]

These are best not to touch! Those minefields on the road to newe sellers

In recent days, all kinds of election products conferences have been carried out in full swing, which has opened the season for the arrival of this year’s peak season. As a professional service provider, our Kaiming intellectual property is naturally a regular visitor to these conventions. In the long-term contact, we often see many new[…]

Welfare! Amazon temporarily removes FBA seller inventory removal fees

Thanks to Amazon’s inventory warehousing adjustment in March, Amazon FBA sellers can remove unsold inventory for free in the short term. On March 1st, Amazon announced that the assessment of long-term storage costs (LTS) will be adjusted once every six months to once a month, and introduces a new charge concept – Inventory Storage Overage[…]

Changes to the Amazon FBA Fee in the United States in 2018 Effective February 22, Fulfillment Fee will use the full year rate

Changes to the Amazon FBA Fee in the United States in 2018: Effective February 22, Fulfillment Fee will use the full year rate

As in previous years, America’s Amazon FBA fee will be adjusted to reflect the cost changes in execution, transportation, and customer service. The new Amazon FBA fees system will take effect on February 22, 2018. Sellers should be informed of this information in a timely manner and make adjustments based on these changes. In 2018,[…]

Hapag-Lloyd and UASC officially merged into a new company,DHL starts the global freight flight service

Hapag-Lloyd and the Arabian ship UASC officially completed the merger; DHL start the global freight package service; Indian logistics company Delhivery China Fuxing Group 30 million US dollars injection. One: Hapag-Lloyd and uasc officially merged into a new company May 24, the German transport and logistics business in the container shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd announced the[…]

Amazon FBA sellers the only way to grow

Laborious cross-border electric business, whether you are a manufacturer of traders, or marketing professional speculation, eBay Amazon is inevitable, doing Amazon FBA is inevitable. Because Amazon has a greater traffic compared to eBay, a better image. There must be a lot of people scold me: “cliches, after knowing that you know.” Indeed, the above changes[…]