Amazon market will take off quickly

Last December, Amazon launched its 13th global market in Australia. After more than six months of development, the company has now solved the chicken or egg problem in the local market. Driven by the flywheel effect, this market will quickly take off.

Within 6 months, Australia’s new seller has broken through 18,000

Amazon has attracted many sellers by opening an Australian site. From December last year to today, the market has more than 18,000 sellers in six months. And every month can add more than 2,000 new sellers.

On February 26th, the Australian site FBA business was launched. Some sellers have deposited most of their inventory in the Amazon warehouse. This has largely solved the seller’s logistics pain points. Currently, more than 20% of the sellers have already sold. Using FBA.

The launch of, the growth of the market, and the introduction of the Prime membership system after FBA all demonstrate the importance of the company’s market leadership. When Prime was launched in Australia on the first day, there were more than 4 million products to choose from.

Recently, Amazon has attracted more consumers to become Prime members in the Australian market with ultra-low prices.

It is understood that Prime members are priced at US$119 in the United States, US$79 in the UK, 49 Euros in Germany, and US$79 in Canada. And it only costs A$6.99 per month in Australia or A$59 per year (approximately US$44). This price is quite low!

In particular, Amazon also claims that it will provide a two-day delivery service. It is estimated that Prime will win the Australian market with faster, cheaper and more available for use.

Australian Station Development is Unstoppable

“After three months of launching the Amazon Australia market, local competitors said they are still worried that the Amazon effect will hit their sales,” Guardian reporter Naaman Zhou wrote. So Amazon’s performance in Australia should not be underestimated.

Today, Amazon has successfully spent the first six months in the Australian market and has solved the problem of chicken or eggs. After the Prime membership program launched in the market in July, it will be consistent with the sites in other global markets in Amazon.

Prime’s flywheel will begin to spin, and as more and more consumers join the Prime membership, they will spend more on Amazon, so there will be more sellers using FBA, and there may be more new sellers in Australia. Station, if the flywheel starts to rotate “Amazon effect” will not stop.

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