Amazon parcel rejected, Wish new fine policy

Amazon parcel rejected at Oakland Airport in the US and returned or destroyed directly

Recently, it was reported that the CBP department of the Oakland Airport in the US has expressly rejected all Amazon parcels for commercial shipments, and it did not accept abandoned parts and destroyed them directly.

A seller said that five boxes of 100 kilograms of goods arrived at Auckland Airport were also required to be returned. All commercial express delivery to the United States FBA address, as long as transit from Auckland, will be returned unconditionally.

From July 15th, Amazon will cut the commission of 22 categories in full

It is reported that Amazon India Station has determined to reduce the commission for multi-category sellers. The new fee standard will be implemented on July 15. The category of this commission reduction includes furniture, computer bags, household storage, glasses, underwear, and luggage. There are 22 categories such as purses, backpacks, and watches, and the reduction range is from 5.5% to 20%.

In addition to reducing seller commission fees, Amazon India will also reduce fixed seller fees, including shipping charges, under the “Fulfilled by Amazon” program, which will be reduced by 25% and the price will exceed 500 rupees.

Amazon officially pushes for 7 days free try-on service for all Prime members

On June 21st, Amazon announced that it will officially launch the Prime Wardrobe service, which is “try before you buy”, to all Prime members in the United States. Prime Wardrobe began testing in June last year and is now brewing for about a year. In the past year, some consumers have already experienced this service.

Consumers using Prime Wardrobe can choose between three and eight outfits on Amazon. Once the goods arrive, consumers can decide to leave and return the goods within 7 days. Then just pay for the goods you left and return the other goods. There is no need to pay for this. If the number of goods left by consumers is large, they will receive some discounts.

Amazon Prime Member Service Advances into Australia

Recently, Amazon announced the launch of Prime membership service in Australia, with a subscription fee of A$6.99 per month or A$59 per year. The platform offers a free 30-day Prime service trial.

Amazon Prime Station Prime service will include free shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other major central area addresses. Order value of more than 49 Australian dollars can also enjoy international shipping, but not all products sold by the US station enjoy the package.

Trump threatens to impose a 10% tariff on an additional $200 billion of Chinese goods

The White House said in an evening on Monday (June 18) that if China fulfills its promise and retaliates against the U.S. tariff announced last week, the United States will impose an additional tariff of 10% on another Chinese product worth 200 billion U.S. dollars.

On June 19, the Ministry of Commerce stated that this practice of extreme pressure and blackmail deviated from the consensus reached by the parties on many occasions and it also disappointed the international community. If the U.S. side becomes irrational and issues a list, China will have to adopt comprehensive measures combining quantity and quality to make a strong countermeasure.

Wish merchants will be fined for using false logistics slips

If the Wish merchant uses a false logistics number to fulfill the order fulfillment, the merchant will be fined 100% of the order amount plus a fine of $100 for a single order. Merchant accounts will also face the risk of being suspended from trading.

The above Wish “Falsile Logistics Number” fines policy is effective for orders that have been marked as “shipped” at or after the PST time of June 20th, or for modifying the logistics tracking information.

Wish Policy Update: Allows Reduced Promotional Product Inventory

According to Wish seller feedback, on June 21 wish to update the platform policy, said that allowing sellers to cut prices to promote product inventory, notification content is as follows:

From 0:00 on June 27, 2018 (World Standard Time), merchants can reduce inventory of promotional products by 25% or 5 for 14 days, whichever is greater. Merchants can reduce the inventory of promotional products in each independent Wah Express warehouse within the prescribed scope.

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