Amazon ranks first in the list, your next explosion is here

Amazon will be specific to each category, each category has a comb to facilitate the seller to choose. When a certain category starts to sell well, each list will continue to be screened. These lists are the sales list, the promotion list, and the new product list. These are the official tools that Amazon is more open to use. Click to use just fine.

3C electronic products

We can see that in the near future, this wireless wifi router achieved a breakthrough growth, followed by waterproof cameras, and newborn monitors reached 447%.

In August 2018, the outdoor recreation accessories Top100 products were estimated to have a total sales volume of 8,17,928 pieces, with a daily sales volume of approximately 27,264 pieces and an average sales volume of 8,262 pieces. Recently, this shatterproof dishwasher has become the number one in the list, as well as the waterproof smart fitness tracker, and the soles of the wrist socks have reached 2170%.

Clothing, shoes, jewelry

Although this type of product is a daily consumer product, the growth trend is very fierce. An oval stone pendant has reached 68,953%, and casual T-shirts and jersey tops have also grown rapidly.

Family kitchen

We can see that paper towels for packaging, as well as advanced filters and stainless steel thermos, are among the top products, and are among the hottest products in the US-Asian list.

Art crafts

We can see that a watercolor pen with only 2 2-star reviews has reached 961,940%, tape, sketch bag, etc., which has become a hot product for the back-to-school season.

In fact, it is a way of thinking about which product rankings soaring. More sellers choose to buy products that they are familiar with. The products must have a reasonable layout, that is, don’t spread the net everywhere, all the categories of products are If you want to do it, don’t limit yourself to satisfying the two explosions. At the same time, the selection of core categories and ladder distribution is the best way to be safe and not positive.


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