Amazon pulls black high-return-rate buyers, AliExpress strengthens punishment for storing category items

Foreign media reported that Amazon has recently sealed a group of buyers with higher return rates. The sellers who have been maliciously returned are calling for great satisfaction. To increase the shopping experience for the platform’s consumers, AliExpress announced that it will strengthen the virtual category of storage products. What are the cross-border news today?[…]

Amazon Into Alibaba Base Camp, Shopee Releases First Quarter Financial Results

Amazon Goes Deep into Alibaba Base Hangzhou On May 17th, Beijing time, was preparing to go deep into the headquarters of and face up with the Chinese e-commerce giant. In the coming weeks, Amazon will soon hold an event in Hangzhou, where Alibaba is headquartered. Interact with 400 Chinese manufacturers who are passionate[…]

Amazon pushes new delivery feedback policy, this time absolutely beneficial to small and medium sellers

Amazon adjusted its delivery feedback policy. The new policy will take some protective measures for sellers, which is absolutely good news for small and medium sellers.Amazon feedback new policy to protect sellers! real or fake?Recently, Amazon introduced a new delivery feedback policy to protect sellers from some “harm.” Not surprisingly, not surprised? The Amazon, which[…]