Facebook employees are exposed to praise for their own products in Amazon

Facebook employees in the Amazon brush praise According to foreign media reports, this behavior was discovered by science and technology columnist Kevin Roose. Ruth pointed out on Twitter that there are about 100 five-star reviews on Facebook Portal on Amazon. The names of at least three reviews are the same as those of Facebook employees,[…]

Amazon and the French warehouse robot company Balyo reached an investment agreement

According to foreign media, Amazon and French warehouse robot company Balyo have reached an investment agreement, Amazon can hold nearly one-third of the latter in the next seven years. The agreement aims to promote the sale of the French company’s driverless forklift technology. Warehouse automation has always been a key factor in Amazon’s cost cutting[…]

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In the last one or two months, David Law Firm, who has acted as a proxy for several brands such as Snowflake, has once again begun to act. The beauty brand Instantly Ageless and the beauty brand LIQUID PALISADE have launched rights protection at almost the same time, and another batch of sellers have become[…]

Amazon launches new features to enter the home market, this category will reach $700 billion in 2020

Amazon launches Showroom to enhance the home visual shopping experience Amazon has always been obsessed with the home market. A year ago, Amazon launched two own home brands – Rivet and Stone & Beam, to announce their entry into the home market. Today, Amazon is exploring further ways to enter the home sector and launch[…]

Heavy! Ant Financial plans to acquire UK cross-border payment company WorldFirst for $700 million

It is reported that Alibaba’s financial services department Ant Financial is negotiating with British cross-border payment company WorldFirst, intending to acquire WorldFirst for about $700 million. According to foreign media reports, Ant Financial has negotiated with WorldFirst for several months, and both parties are expected to reach a deal in the next few weeks. People[…]

Encountered shopping email scams, multiple Amazon buyers alarm

RCMP (Royal RCMP) recently issued a warning against the Amazon email scam. Manitoba police said they received multiple reports from Amazon customers about suspicious emails trying to steal their accounts for counterfeit purchases. Currently, the Manitoba Royal Mounted Police has issued a warning against email scams affecting Amazon customers. The police said that these customers[…]

US mattress online sales increased by 60.6% annually

In 2017, online mattress sales in the United States continued to soar, and 14 mattress retailers in the Internet retailer Top 1000 had online revenues of more than $1.767 billion, a year-on-year increase of 60.6%. In 2016, online sales of these mattress retailers exceeded the $1 billion mark, reaching $110 million. However, the growth rate[…]

The United States officially postponed the deadline for tariffs on China’s $200 billion

Since the Chinese and US heads of state stopped their talks on December 1, new good news came again! According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 16th, after Beijing announced the suspension of tariffs on US-made cars three months before the end of the year, Washington also decided to postpone the punitive tariffs on 200[…]