During Prime Day, Amazon workers in these six countries have to strike!

Spanish workers are going to strike on Prime Day

Yesterday, the Spanish union called on about 1,000 Amazon employees to strike next week, with a strike of three days – July 16, 17 and 18, in the San Fernando warehouse on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain.

The San Fernando warehouse is the largest Amazon warehouse in Spain, and most of Amazon’s Spanish labor force is here. It is said that this is the second strike of the warehouse this year.

Union representative Douglas Harper said that the union is mainly opposed to the reduction of wages, poor working conditions, restrictions on vacations, etc. The strike is not only bad for Amazon, but also for workers and consumers, but “we need to continue to exert pressure on local management.”

Amazon responded that in the logistics industry, Amazon’s total compensation has been considered high, not only attractive salary, but also good welfare.

6 countries are not satisfied with Amazon

It’s just that the Spanish strike may not be so embarrassing. After all, Amazon had the same experience before, and it’s impossible to watch the Prime Day, which is a good money, ruined.

However, with the arrival of Prime Day, Spain has to expand things this time, they decided to expand the scale of the strike to the entire continent. According to the news, workers from Italy, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom also want to participate.

Foreign media said that these countries are not satisfied with Amazon.

Polish workers say that the anti-strike law does not allow them to get better wages;

For two years, German workers have been fighting for collective bargaining agreements;

In Italy, Amazon often employs contract workers who do not need benefits;

After the previous collective bargaining agreement expired, Amazon’s Spanish leader unilaterally imposed working conditions;

The United Kingdom and France are being pressured in terms of working hours and efficiency. Specifically, workers have to deal with 300 products per hour, urinate in bottles, workers are on vacation during pregnancy, and sick leave is also punished.

In addition, workers also urge consumers not to buy things on Amazon during Prime Day. What’s more, some people directly published on the social media that in order to strive for better conditions, Amazon workers in Europe are going on a cross-border strike. In order to support the rights of workers, please do not buy from Amazon next week. Is this the rhythm of “deathing”?

It is reported that Amazon workers in the United States also have their own dissatisfaction. Therefore, some foreign media said that time will prove whether angry American Amazon workers also join their European counterparts…

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