eBay opens the CATCH platform to attract millennials to “love the family”

Catch target group is “Millennial Generation”

Catch’s target group is the young “Ai Tao” who loves to brush up and find good goods. Most of them are millennials: they are keen to discover the latest, most popular and good quality products, which tend to be casual. Shopping has high requirements for services and interesting consumer experiences.

The Catch platform brings together the most cost-effective products from German and global sellers on the eBay platform and presents them to consumers in a new experience. In addition to traditional merchandise categories including electronics, fashion, sports, home, beauty, watches and jewellery, Catch can also explore the “commodity world” by theme, where buyers can follow their lifestyle Come shopping, such as the “Rover” commodity world that your friends are keen on, and the “Pink Wall” (Los Angeles Red Wall) product world for those who are fascinated by the soft color. Trendy people, quality life creatives, and data scientists on the Catch platform work together to create these colorful “commodity worlds” and introduce eBay’s most cost-effective mass inventory into Catch, presented to millennials. before.

“With the eBay platform, we were able to discover new consumption patterns in a timely manner; at the same time, the “Under 20€” campaign launched by eBay Germany earlier this year was also a success, coupled with continued market monitoring and analysis. All make us realize that a huge unexplored business opportunity is to attract young German value consumers in different ways,” said Eben Sermon, general manager of eBay Germany. “Although eBay’s consumer experience has attracted many young people. The pursuit of cost-effective value consumers, but there are many people prefer to browse the core of the shopping experience, especially for some categories that need to browse and select, such as fashion, home decoration, and so on. This is also the original intention of our Catch platform: this site has a large number of trendy products, users can often browse and inspire, so Catch is a complement to the eBay platform. We deliberately decided to build Catch outside of the eBay platform, but at the same time Catch can take full advantage of eBay’s advantages, including eBay’s rich product categories, massive product data, trust and security tools, etc.,” Sermon added.

It is understood that eBay’s buyer protection policy and other security mechanisms will apply to transactions on the Catch platform. The concept of Catch interface design is visual first, the main target group is mobile customers, who can use the mobile phone to browse popular commodity categories through short time.

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