eBay’s latest two policies make sellers mixed

Since entering October, eBay has updated two policies that will make the seller half happy and half worried. What are the two policies? Let’s take a look.

eBay implements a 4% penalty payment policy for US stations

From October 1st, eBay USA will begin to implement a fine payment policy – a 4% surcharge for sellers who violate the rules. For example, sellers have a lot of after-sales problems, especially when a seller has a “product is obviously inconsistent with the description” than the same seller, the transaction fee will be an additional 4% as a penalty.

This policy has now been implemented. I believe the sellers have already felt it. This is a policy that makes the sellers headache. Next, let’s look at the policies that make the seller happy.

eBay cancels restrictions on creating instant promotions for online products

eBay launched a new measure in June this year, Markdown Manager Restriction, which restricts sellers from selling the same price for 14 days before they can create a price reduction promotion policy. On October 9, eBay officially announced that the restriction will be Cancellation during the year-end shopping season.

The eBay announcement is as follows: “As we announced in the summer seller update, we made some policy adjustments to require sellers to maintain the same price for 14 days before creating a markdown sale event. This policy is mainly It is to reduce some sellers’ abuse of discount function and bring negative shopping experience to customers. We know that this is not the case for all sellers. We have listened to the feedback of many sellers. We understand that this restriction is valuable for some customers. The seller of the product is a challenge.

Therefore, we have decided to cancel this restriction and your product can be created at any time after the publication. After all, with the arrival of the year-end season, our first priority is to ensure that you have a simple and successful sales season. For this limitation, we will continue to assess whether it is necessary to continue in 2019. We will continue to evaluate whether this feature needs to be changed in 2019.

Right now, the end of the year, eBay cancels the restriction on creating online promotions for online products is a big plus for sellers, so sellers can promote their products, then the order volume will increase, the seller can Harvest a perfect peak season.

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