eBay’s new German portal officially launched

eBay created a new German-language portal to use German to show local shoppers more clearly the products of thousands of shoppers. At present, the sales volume of German station sellers has exceeded 140 million, and there are more than 17 million buyers in the local market.

The new website allows visitors to view data from eBay German sellers. Visitors can select by department and read the seller profile. The site will publish monthly new information on online transactions and seller personal stories.

As one of the largest online trading platforms in the world, eBay Germany is an important part of its online trading. German online shoppers spent 42% of all shopping time on eBay. A large part of its success is due to the large number of sellers on eBay.

Today, in order to highlight some of the market’s important products, the eBay German team recently launched the new website ‘eBay Traders’ Republic’ to showcase eBay’s economic diversity across Germany and boost sellers to further increase sales.

Nina Kristin Pütz, Senior Director of eBay Germany, said: “EBay has achieved democratization in trade and we are able to provide unique products to more than 17 million active buyers in Germany. Now we further develop diversity and provide more to the main German sellers. As an opportunity for the seller’s partner, we can provide a unique business model and demonstrate the scope of eBay online trading in Germany.”

In addition, eBay can also provide information about the specific location of the seller, its industry affiliation, the year the company was founded, and personal success stories. Consumers can also identify regional focal points and the collection points of individual departments in online transactions. For example, buyers can clearly see that there are more than 45 million products in the electronic product category, including 94% of new products; or 58% of automotive components are still purchased through desktop devices.

‘eBay Traders’Republic’ also provides information on the most expensive products sold in 2017: Porcelain brakes on the Porsche 911 models sell for more than 15,000 euros in the auto parts category.

The sales of eBay German station sellers are as high as 140 million. This market has a promising future. Every consumer can find a suitable product through the website. Through www.haendlerrepublik-ebay.de, eBay brings together data from its German station sellers to showcase the successful experiences of sellers on a national and regional basis. These new information and stories are updated every month.

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