Facebook prepares for the peak season, providing a new way for sellers to promote

In order to help sellers promote their products and increase their advertising revenue, Facebook has made some important updates and extensions for its advertising products.

Facebook advertising floating window

Last year, Facebook launched Ad Overlays for the first time, allowing users to add price and discount labels to dynamic ads. Today, Facebook is expanding these floating windows so that users can create custom floating window templates.

So if the seller wants to create a Black Friday ad campaign on Facebook, try creating a floating window of their own.

Facebook Video Creation Kit

Recently, Facebook also launched a video authoring toolkit that allows advertisers to easily create mobile-friendly ads using basic materials without investing in expensive hardware, software or professionals.

In addition, Facebook will launch holiday-themed labels and templates to help sellers better display their products during the peak season.

Facebook boutique bar advertising

In 2017, Facebook launched a collection of ads, a small advertising directory that allows users to view multiple products without having to leave the initial screen, visually stimulating mobile shoppers. For this holiday season, Facebook has made important updates.

Advertisers will soon be able to direct potential shoppers from the boutique bar advertising screen to the storefront template, as well as group products, labeled “Suggested for You” or “Most Viewed” (most viewed). This may motivate more interaction.

As long as the advertiser uses the instant storefront template, Facebook will automatically generate a video containing the relevant products in the advertiser’s directory.

In addition, Facebook is creating more intuitive advertising options to increase participation throughout the peak season. Last year, the advertising window brought more than 450 million clicks to Black Friday and other Thanksgiving sales videos.

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