Amazon changes its business structure and returns to big sales

Amazon India has resumed operations and the site is changing its business structure to comply with the new federal e-commerce regulations that came into effect last week. Two sources said that one of the biggest sellers on Amazon India has returned. India’s revised foreign direct investment rules came into effect on February 1st, which prohibits[…]

Amazon and the French warehouse robot company Balyo reached an investment agreement

According to foreign media, Amazon and French warehouse robot company Balyo have reached an investment agreement, Amazon can hold nearly one-third of the latter in the next seven years. The agreement aims to promote the sale of the French company’s driverless forklift technology. Warehouse automation has always been a key factor in Amazon’s cost cutting[…]

Foreign media: An accident occurred in the Amazon New Jersey warehouse, causing 54 employees to be injured and one seriously injured

According to foreign media reports, on Wednesday morning, an automatic machine in the Amazon warehouse in New Jersey punctures a jar of bear repellent containing concentrated capsaicin, an active ingredient of pepper, which was discharged, resulting in 54 Workers were injured and a worker was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton for[…]

Sellers with an annual sales of 300,000 US dollars are forced to retreat

In recent years, Amazon has continued to grow, but some big brands including Apple have been complaining that products purchased through their malls are fake or unauthorized. At present, the agreement between Amazon and Apple has been settled, and the outcome of independent market suppliers has become clearer. Foreign media reported that Apple products on[…]

When will the five major promotion activities of Amazon, Wal-Mart and other platforms begin this year?

Black Friday this year is November 23, the second day after Thanksgiving. Although this is the official start date for Black Five, in reality many transactions will begin in early November. Most in-store sales may not begin until Thanksgiving, but online Black Friday sales will begin as early as Monday, November 19. Here are some[…]

On-line sales, how does the retail giant Wal-Mart step by step to open the e-commerce situation? was launched in 2000, and there is nothing to watch out for in the early stages of development. It was not until August 2016 that it spent $3 billion to acquire, an e-commerce company that was not well-known but had strong financing capabilities. The market generally believes that in order to bring Jet[…]

Amazon is pushing a new niche product, and the search volume is higher than the iphone charger!

A few weeks ago, Amazon began selling AmazonBasics foam mattresses. Prices range from $129.99 for 8-inch to $349.99 for 12-inch. This price is almost the cheapest mattress on the market! Products such as mattresses are not the hottest category in the big impressions, but why should Amazon sell such seemingly tasteless products? The following three[…]

New opportunities: the scale of the Turkish e-commerce market will reach 50 billion shillings by the end of the year

In 2017, Middle East E-Commerce ushered in the continuous improvement of infrastructure such as giant acquisition, capital layout, China power entry, logistics, and payment… The traditional retail industry in the region has been impacted by e-commerce. In 2018, this impact will be More violent. Among the countries in the Middle East, Turkey’s development has attracted[…]

Seller: A Facebook post made me earn $20,000 in a few hours

Last week, British backpacker Robert Mackereth found a very interesting product in Victoria, Australia, so I took a photo and uploaded it on Facebook and wrote: Australia, you can always surprise me! The best sauce name ever! Originally, Robert shared the name of this hot sauce to give friends some fun. Unexpectedly, a week later,[…]