Amazon members create a new record in sales, US Customs strictly observes intellectual property infringing goods

So far, the Prime Day of Amazon’s sites has basically come to an end. Despite the frequent situation, this Prime Day still created a new sales record in Amazon’s history; at the same time, some sellers said that goods sent to the United States were detained for infringement, and US Customs began to strictly observe[…]

Amazon is being “suppressed”, the cost of sellers on prime day is going up again

On July 16th, thousands of shoppers looking for discounted goods will gather in Amazon. This year, Amazon Prime Day is also the longest trading event in history. At this critical moment, Amazon’s advantage was collectively “suppressed” by 10 competitors. In this year’s prime day, the cost of third-party sellers may face a new round of[…]

Want to make a single order on Prime Day, you must do this!

1, increase advertising budget and bids The competition in Amazon’s advertising space is fierce. When preparing for Prime Day, you should use Amazon’s advertising algorithm to start with increasing your budget and bids. Let Amazon see how your ads perform, because better-performing ads get more exposure. Another strategy to consider is to create a campaign[…]

In the peak season, there is no money to stock up, and 10,000 knives are evaporated. How many of these anecdotes have you experienced?

In the industry, many sellers ridicule themselves: doing cross-border e-commerce is tantamount to cultivation, not only must have a strong (can stay up all night) body, but also have a firm (resistance) belief, in the road of thorns, in addition to hair In addition to the stable topping and maternal singles, many sellers are also[…]