Amazon pulls black high-return-rate buyers, AliExpress strengthens punishment for storing category items

Foreign media reported that Amazon has recently sealed a group of buyers with higher return rates. The sellers who have been maliciously returned are calling for great satisfaction. To increase the shopping experience for the platform’s consumers, AliExpress announced that it will strengthen the virtual category of storage products. What are the cross-border news today?[…]

Amazon FBA Customer Service System Upgrade: Expert Advisory Troubleshooting Services

Last week, Amazon sent an e-mail to the Prime Group of the United States, informing everyone that the Prime membership’s annual fee went up, from $99 to $119 a year. The letter also mentions an important message, that is, prime-eligible’s product category has exceeded 100 million! ● 1 center: customer experience is supreme ● 3[…]

Amazon pushes new delivery feedback policy, this time absolutely beneficial to small and medium sellers

Amazon adjusted its delivery feedback policy. The new policy will take some protective measures for sellers, which is absolutely good news for small and medium sellers.Amazon feedback new policy to protect sellers! real or fake?Recently, Amazon introduced a new delivery feedback policy to protect sellers from some “harm.” Not surprisingly, not surprised? The Amazon, which[…]

FBA cost calculation is a headache? Here are 5 free tools recommended

Amazon provides FBA sellers with diversified, personalized services that also charge a fee. However, different charges for goods vary, so sellers need to simply estimate FBA costs. This article will introduce several FBA cost calculators, including third-party cost calculators, and Amazon’s own cost calculators to help sellers calculate related expenses and estimate actual profits. First,[…]

16 creative explosions on Amazon give you inspiration!

16 products are all from the latest recommendations of foreign media. Use scene from kitchen, living room to office. In order to facilitate the seller search research, we retained the product’s English name, company name and retail price. 1.FLEXIBLE TOUCH LED PLANT LAMP 2.REALISTIC CACTUS PILLOW 3. URCHIN AIR PLANTS 4.DOUBLE PENCIL SHARPENER DESK TIDY 5. HAND[…]

This popular category market is close to $50 billion and is the most sought after in the United States!

In recent years, in order to relax and get close to nature, more and more people are beginning to participate in outdoor activities. With the continuous increase of outdoor sports and the upgrading of old and new camping equipment, the sales of camping and hiking products have steadily increased. It is expected that by 2020,[…]

These are best not to touch! Those minefields on the road to newe sellers

In recent days, all kinds of election products conferences have been carried out in full swing, which has opened the season for the arrival of this year’s peak season. As a professional service provider, our Kaiming intellectual property is naturally a regular visitor to these conventions. In the long-term contact, we often see many new[…]