September 28, 2016

Labels and Inspections

Easily track your shipments. See the cargo-related documentation and data you need. Get an estimated delivery time that is continuously updated. Receive freight management reports that you can share with others.

Track and trace global capabilities – from origin to destination.

With many parties involved in your supply chain you need to know exactly where things are – and when hand-offs occur. LHD gives you access to valuable, real-time freight movement and customs status information to help manage your import and export process. Receive automated shipment status reports when you want them.

Our systems deliver multiple data elements to help you make informed decisions. Keep track of your shipments by searching via purchase order number, container number, client reference number, bill of lading number, shipper name or date.

We live in a data-driven world. With LHD, visibility into your cargo status and shipment data has never been clearer.