From July 15th, Amazon will fully reduce the commission of 22 categories!

Amazon will again make major adjustments to the seller’s commissions, with 22 categories of commissions falling by between 5.5% and 20%. In addition to the commission reduction, the seller’s other expenses are also expected to decrease by 25%.

India stops reducing commission for multi-category sellers by 20%

Recently, Amazon India Station has determined to reduce the commission for multi-category sellers, and the new fee standard will be implemented on July 15.

The categories of this commission reduction include furniture, computer bags, household storage, glasses, underwear, suitcases, purses, backpacks, watches and other 22 categories, and the downward adjustment ranged from 5.5% to 20%.

In addition to reducing seller commission fees, Amazon India will also reduce fixed seller fees, including shipping charges, under the “Fulfilled by Amazon” program, which will be reduced by 25% and the price will exceed 500 rupees.

The Amazon India spokesperson said: “We have always believed that the seller’s demand will be less and less, because it will be easier and more profitable to sell in this market under our efforts. In the recent changes in fees, we have reduced There are 22 categories of fees, as well as weight handling, selection and packaging of oversized items so sellers can flexibly reduce their costs on Amazon and better serve their customers.”

Amazon reduced commissions, but also sellers are not happy?

Although Amazon reduced commissions this time, it was still unpleasant. The organization is the All India Online Suppliers Association (AIOVA), which includes a group of online vendors that sell on platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

AIOVA disputed Amazon’s commission cuts. Its spokesman pointed out: “This frequent change in non-consulting fees needs to be regulated, not just for Amazon, but for the entire online sales ecosystem that may not be regulated.”

It is worth noting that AIOVA had publicly accused the Amazon of giving up favoritism and big sales, including subsidies for commissions.

Following the adjustment in April, India station again reduced the seller’s commission?

The e-commerce giant Amazon’s attention to the Indian market is obvious to all. Indian station sellers also have a variety of preferential policies like the mothers of the mothers. After the reduction of the commission in April, the Indian station again after three months. There have been major adjustments.

It is understood that in April of this year, Amazon India Station cut the daily care products, clothing and other 32 categories of commissions, the reduction ranged from 10% to 75%. At the same time, commissions for more than 20 categories of online footwear, backpacks, pet food, mobile power, etc., have been raised by 50%.

Why does Amazon reduce seller commissions again in a short period of time? Analysts said that the brother-in-law’s move was to compete with India’s local e-commerce firm Flipkar. Since Flipkar was acquired by retail giant Wal-Mart, the competition between the two sides in the Indian market has become even more intense.

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