How to use Amazon negative reviews to increase sales, optimize rankings, improve products

Amazon Product Reviews is an important purchase factor for Amazon because Amazon customers rely on the evaluation of other Amazon customers. Product evaluation not only provides customers with valuable information, but also includes distributors and manufacturers. As customers here voluntarily submit their assessment of the product, they offer the possibility of conducting a free market survey. This is even more true, because Amazon has a very large scope in the field of e-commerce as a platform, so there are a lot of comments.

So as a seller, you have a 100% chance of a bad review. Today’s article tells you how to use bad reviews to increase sales and optimize products. Look carefully!

First of all, let’s look at why customers write bad reviews?

Here are the six most common reasons:

1. Product quality: improper handling in the production process, production of poorly used materials or flaws in the factory, or deviation from the buyer’s expectations, that is, the contrast with the Internet is too large, so customers will punish such businesses through negative comments while Advise other buyers.

2. Product description: The description of the product is too exaggerated and often leads to false expectations of the buyer, leading to high customer expectations – if these products are greatly deviated from the actual, then it will cause a bad evaluation.

3. Delivery: If the wrong product is delivered and the buyer needs fast delivery, then not only the negative evaluation, but the trader will also increase the additional cost: Of course, the same applies to the delivery of the wrong size of the transaction, such as clothes, shoes . But sellers can avoid shipping too long via FBA

4. Returns: The fact that customers do not want to keep products is already a negative cause. If there is still return, it usually requires a rigorous assessment.

5. Delay: Delays in delivering other quality products can also damage their reputation. Because Amazon promises its customers fast shipping. Can be avoided with FBA

6. Packaging: If the delivery is damaged, the shopping experience will be affected.

The following are the positive aspects of negative comments:

1. Amazon’s Review is a platform to show customer’s concern –

When customers complain, when you solve this problem, there are n other customers who will see your solution and sincerity, and the way to solve the problem to leave a positive impression.

2. Corrected Opportunities – Negative reviews were mainly issued for some reason. If it is true, then it highlights errors in the product or service that should be corrected by the seller.

3. Legalize other comments – By default, negative comments provide legality for all other comments. If people see all the five-star reviews, then when the comments are actually fake, they naturally feel that it is important. The negative comment itself is dealing with this possibility. So you don’t all 5Star ShuaDan, the customer is not stupid.

How to Use Amazon Reviews to Improve Product Quality and Value

1. Identify and correct defects in products and make improvements

2. Some weaknesses in the product can only be seen in the daily use of the customer, for example, if the product cannot withstand long-term exposure, or if it is not suitable for the day-to-day situations that were not considered in product development. Use these experiences to discover product weaknesses. This clearly shows that it is a system issue, especially when customers repeatedly refer to the same vulnerability, and you have to pay attention at this time.

For example: bicycle lock

In negative reviews, customers always complain that the key point is poor quality, breaks after a short period of use, and makes the lock unusable. Since the key point itself is one of the more favorable elements in the product, trying to improve this problem is an urgent need for the business to consider.

Use comments to improve content and product information

Incorrect and missing product information, and actively prevent more customers from misunderstanding

Incorrect product information in the product text is a common cause of negative reviews. This is particularly annoying if the information on the Amazon product page is incorrect or lacks important information because it is a preventable error and the problem is not the product itself. This will lead to unnecessary costs and leave unsatisfied customers expressing dissatisfaction with negative reviews.

Use these comments to identify and correct errors and blanks in product information (text and images). Even if there is no wrong or incomplete information, there may be misunderstandings. If such information is frequently found in the comments, it may be necessary to actively interpret the information in the product description and highlight the key points. At this time, the specification is very important.

Example: Scart adapter

In negative reviews, it is always implied that the product description contains incorrect information (no HDMI adapter), and on the other hand it lacks important information (compatible devices). In this case, the manufacturer should use the product text and provide a list of compatible devices. In addition, the main points of the article can be used to avoid misunderstandings (no HDMI adapter, incompatible with all devices).

Provides information on post-correction product defects and product information improvements

On Amazon, all reviews are retained, even if they contain information about negative aspects that may have become obsolete. This is annoying if the product defects that have been resolved or errors that occur only in a single production series do not reflect the current product quality.

One way to put this information in the right place is to comment on relevant comments as traders. In addition, you can directly reference product information, such as correcting product defects and improvements in points or instructions.

For example: coffee pot

Due to a series of production defects, a bad “chemical” odor appeared in a series of copies of coffee pots. In many negative reviews, customers are advised not to use cans to store food under any circumstances. For customers reading these reviews, this is a very powerful reason to buy a coffee can, although the current lack of product may no longer exist and has been fixed.

If these defects cannot happen again, then it can provide clear communication in the product information. This helps translate your orders, ladies and gentlemen.

Integrate and prioritize important product advantages

According to customer reviews, it is possible to determine the advantages of a product and what is most important to the customer. These may even be advantages that retailers have not thought of, for example, when the product was successfully used in applications where the product was not explicitly designed. Based on the customer’s own experience to evaluate the product’s advantages (in this case, it may also include comments on similar competing products), this knowledge can be included in the product information. This means that, on the one hand, advantages that have not yet been communicated are included. On the other hand, the most important advantages are clearly and prominently described (for example, in product names and attributes). The customer will think “Wow”, you understand

For example: mobile phone cover

The product features of the phone case are used to protect the device from dust and dirt (“dust plugs”). Some reviews emphasize this feature but do not exist in product information. There are even customers who ask themselves “questions and answers.” Dust caps are available regardless of the product or its variant. It is therefore recommended to include this information in the product information to increase the conversion rate of the product.

How to Use Amazon Comments to Optimize Keywords

Use customer keywords to improve product discoverability

As a trader and manufacturer, you may have more operational relationships with your products, and you will not consider keyword search and optimization so that customers use this keyword search and optimization every day to name and search for products. Positive and negative reviews provide a great way to add your own research keywords to the product’s complete set of related keyword sets.

For example: cooking utensils

Just as simple as in this example, it is very rare: the customer indicated that he could not find the product, searched for “kitchenware with temperature selection,” and only after bypassing the product. The product itself has only the “adjustable temperature interval function.” By supplementing the temperature selection of product keywords, customers can be more searchable.

Improve service with comments – Weaken weaknesses and increase advantage

Although product reviews are not actually a point for evaluating dealers and their services (with a dealer rating), many customers in product reviews have also expressed their opinions on this service. Product reviews also provide useful information about customers evaluating retailer services. This information can be used to find and resolve their own weaknesses, which can help Amazon search engine optimization product page.

Countermeasures: What can be done to resist bad reviews?

1. Customer deletes or corrects

Customers can review products for retrospective adjustment or deletion. Therefore, the first and best way for Amazon dealers is to contact the customer and conduct a dialogue. In the ideal case, the latter then turns negative evaluations into positive ones. It is usually possible to delete at least the rating. After all, it’s better to have no evaluation than worse.

2. Request Amazon to delete bad reviews

Basically, success is only possible if the negative rating violates the Amazon Review Guidelines. This is very rare. For example, if the rating is life attack, abuse, etc. Requesting Amazon to delete a request is simple:

Step 1: Go to the product details page

Step 2: Select Review Tab

Step 3: Select the specific review and click on “Report abuse” (if you feel abused)

Of course, emails can also be sent to Amazon. It must include the reason Amazon’s customers violated the guidelines and the link to publish.

Sellers can always choose to comment on customer evaluations to express their opinions. Businesses can correct or explain evaluations. For example, you can tell future buyers why the problem has been solved and will not appear in the future.

While interpreting, use more relevant keywords to benefit Amazon SEO.

Negative reviews and ratings not only cause nuisance to the seller but also make Amazon SEO confused. A rating of only one star can – if it has not yet become a solid foundation for positive evaluation – the average risk will be much lower compared to the new Amazon sellers. Most buyers will choose to look at negative product reviews before purchasing.

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