Nearly 500 containers from several shipping companies such as Maersk in India catch fire

At 22:15 local time on June 13, local time, a public barge carrying containers of Maersk, Hyundai Merchant Shipping and many other shipping companies exploded in Indian waters. Nearly 500 containers were ignited and a large number of cargoes were buried. Sea of fire. The cause of the fire was the explosion of a container and the fire gradually spread.

SSL KOLKATA container belongs to a local shipping company Shreyas Shipping & Logistics in India. It serves Maersk, Hyundai Merchant Shipping, Star Cruises, MCC, Gold Star and many other well-known shipping companies. It provides shipping companies across the world with major shipping companies in India. Barge service. The hundreds of containers that were devastated by the fire were dominated by goods from major ports in China.

It is understood that the explosion of the public barge is SSL KOLKATA, with a capacity of up to 1118Teu. It is from Krishnapatnam, India’s largest transit port, to Calcutta. The vessel has 22 Indian crew members and nearly 500 containers. Fortunately, after the Indian Coast Guard received the alarm, it dispatched rescue ships and planes to the rescue site in time for rescue. At present, 22 crew members have been rescued!

This is not the first time this year that the container is on fire. In March, there were two incidents of similar fires: “Maersk Honam fires on a Maersk container ship, 7860 containers were seriously damaged or damaged” and “Maersk’s another container ship caught fire and contained 3518 containers.”

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