Foreign media: An accident occurred in the Amazon New Jersey warehouse, causing 54 employees to be injured and one seriously injured

According to foreign media reports, on Wednesday morning, an automatic machine in the Amazon warehouse in New Jersey punctures a jar of bear repellent containing concentrated capsaicin, an active ingredient of pepper, which was discharged, resulting in 54 Workers were injured and a worker was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton for[…]

Amazon increase the control of the brand, mobile phone accessories sell “angry and quit”

Foreign media reported that Amazon recently took a control measure against popsocket and other brands. Popsocket quits indignantly, ending a partnership with Amazon for more than two years at 11th. Mobile phone accessories brand dealers leave, ending the two-year cooperation with “sister husband” For several years, popsocket has seen Amazon as an integral part of[…] hit a record high, and US e-commerce stocks rose

This year’s Net One has once again become the biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history. Affected by “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”, US e-commerce stocks generally rose… Amazon has a record high According to foreign media reports, Amazon announced today that this year’s “Cyber ​​Monday” (Cyber ​​Monday) once again became the biggest shopping day in[…]

Interpretation of FBA Return Policy Update: Amazon “pay”, seller buyers benefit?

Amazon updated its FBA return policy in September to reduce refunds and increase customer satisfaction. Amazon currently allows customers to return and replace orders shipped by Amazon for free, and Amazon pays for shipping. In an email to the seller, Amazon described the FBA return policy update as: “Reducing the amount of work required to[…]

At the moment of the explosion, Amazon workers across Europe have to strike!

Amazon workers across Europe plan to hold protests on Black Friday to express their dissatisfaction with working conditions. British trade union GMB will hold demonstrations with hundreds of employees outside the five logistics centers, who will wave banners and distribute flyers. Workers in Spain and Italy will strike for 24 hours. The biggest protest will[…]

Sellers with an annual sales of 300,000 US dollars are forced to retreat

In recent years, Amazon has continued to grow, but some big brands including Apple have been complaining that products purchased through their malls are fake or unauthorized. At present, the agreement between Amazon and Apple has been settled, and the outcome of independent market suppliers has become clearer. Foreign media reported that Apple products on[…]

Seller’s Note: Amazon warehouse statistics or face major adjustments

According to foreign media CNBC, Amazon’s warehouse statistics are facing new adjustments, and the company is considering calculating the size of the warehouse in cubic feet instead of the original square feet. Recently, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky said in a conference call that the company began to consider the use of cubic feet as the[…]

Black Five countdown, Amazon’s first round of “promotion” is online!

Entering November, the year-end holiday season is getting closer and closer, and Amazon is already entering the festive atmosphere in order to win more sales. Yesterday, Amazon launched the “Black Friday’s Early Trading Page”, the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s about three weeks from the real Black Five. Is it necessary for Amazon[…]

Strongly criticized, Amazon sellers deleted this Halloween item

There are still a few days away from Halloween. People have already started to tidy up this lively festival in advance. At this time, some strange costumes are indispensable, so Halloween costumes have become the key sales items of many cross-border e-commerce sellers. Although these clothes are pursuing “different”, if you accidentally touch some sensitive[…]

This week, Amazon India Station opened the application, the second largest site in the world!

In the past year or two, the development speed and considerable prospects of Indian e-commerce have become a topic of relish in the industry. Amazon India has been on the line for a long time, but Chinese sellers have no chance to participate directly, but it seems that there is progress in the station in[…]