Note: Amazon will charge a fine for these sellers!

The seller noticed that Amazon will start charging extra fees for packages that do not meet the security standards, this is the first time!

Sellers whose product packages do not meet the security requirements will be punished

According to CNBC, in an email last week, Amazon told third-party sellers that sellers who ship to Amazon for storage and shipping must meet packaging security requirements or they would be fined.

For example, Amazon has some requirements for aerosol products such as hair sprays or electronic devices with rechargeable batteries, and specifies how they should be packaged prior to shipment because they must comply with federal regulations.

According to industry insiders, “The implementation of this new policy means that sellers who do not follow Amazon’s rules will have to pay new fees. Amazon is taking a more active and transparent approach to show sellers what they may be experiencing. ”

For Amazon, these fines will reduce the confusion in their warehouses and may reduce the number of dangerous material safety violations in the goods.

Amazon first charges extra for security issues

At least since 2013, Amazon has been charging “unplanned services” fees, such as missing barcode labels or foam packaging requirements.

Amazon will charge fees based on so-called “unplanned services” that will ensure that these packages meet safety standards in six areas: overloaded transport boxes, oversized shipping containers, dangerous electronic products, dangerous product hazards, product spills and dangers Accepted tray conditions.

However, this is the first time that an additional fee has been charged for security-related issues. Amazon said it will begin trials on November 29 and will notify the seller at least one month before it begins charging.

According to data from the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, shipments received by Amazon in violation of US Department of Transportation regulations have increased significantly. In 2009, Amazon only released two incident reports, but this number jumped to 32 in 2016, and this year reached 42.

On Wednesday, the Amazon warehouse in New Jersey punctured a bear repellent jar containing concentrated capsaicin, injuring 54 workers. It is unclear whether the bear repellent is from a third-party Amazon seller.

Amazon’s compliance requirements for sellers are becoming more and more strict, prompting relevant sellers to pay attention to this issue.

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