Notice to sellers: online shopping habits of US buyers

Reasons why Americans choose to shop on the UK website

According to a recent study by Royal Mail, average US shoppers spend $86 a month on UK websites, and 14% of US online shoppers have shopped on UK websites in the past three months.

The main reasons why Americans buy goods from British retailers are: the goods are unique in the UK (43%), the quality is better (21%), and the products are genuine (19%). One-tenth of these shoppers believe that goods purchased from the UK website will not be fakes, three-quarters (74%) of the products purchased on the UK website are not available locally, and 71% prefer to buy British brands.

Royal Mail said that free returns, full tracking of items and a clear return policy are more likely to encourage US online shoppers to use the UK website, and it is important to allow local currency payments and good customer service.

American consumers’ shopping habits

Ordinary shoppers in the United States spend $103 a month on online shopping. They shop twice a month, and 79% of total shopping spend is for online shopping. The average age of online shoppers in the United States is 50 years old, more women, living in the suburbs.

Half of American shoppers shop on smartphones, 80% use laptops or desktops, and 24% use tablets.

In terms of product categories, Americans prefer online shopping (47%) and books (25%), and health care products (24%) are also popular online.

In terms of returns, 26% of US online shoppers have retired in the past three months. If the return experience on a website is bad, 66% are unlikely to shop again here.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said it is important to understand the different shopping habits of consumers in different countries. Shoppers in the United States often buy goods online and increasingly use smartphones online. Clothes and books are especially popular.

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