Online sales in the US back to school reached $58.1 billion, breaking $2 billion in the first 24 hours

According to data from Adobe Digital Insights, this year’s US back-to-school sales results are gratifying, with online sales totaling $58.1 billion. Single-day sales peaked on Labor Day, and online sales exceeded $2 billion for the first time in 24 hours.

Desktop computer shopping turnover is the highest

Computer-side shopping is still the first choice for most shoppers, with sales of $38.5 billion. Mobile shopping is a fast-growing channel with sales of $14.5 billion, while shopping transactions on tablets have fallen to $5.1 billion.

Most shoppers prefer to use the desktop to complete the shopping process, which makes e-commerce consumer access rate only 3.37%. In addition, tablet conversion rate was 2.34%, while smartphone conversion rate was only 1.24%.

Mobile conversion rate is low

Why is the conversion rate for shopping through smartphones so low? A survey of 1,000 people can give the answer. Here are a few reasons why smartphones can’t generate high conversion rates:

1. 40% of the device screen is too small;

2. 34% of mobile apps and websites are difficult to navigate;

3. 24% of retailers do not provide full functionality of the website on mobile devices;

4. Consumers are more willing to complete larger purchases on the desktop. On a desktop computer, the per capita shopping spending is $142, the per-capita consumption on a tablet is $125, and the per-capita consumption on a smartphone is $111.

5, on the desktop computer is more conducive to the purchase of electronic products.

Mobile traffic cannot be ignored

Although the conversion rate on the mobile side is low, the total sales of mobile transactions are rising rapidly, and traffic cannot be ignored.

Some professionals said: “If I want to buy a box of pencils or a backpack, I might prefer to do it on a small device like a smartphone, but if I need to know the product specifications and many other product information, then on a desktop computer. The experience will be better.”

However, retailers cannot ignore the importance of smartphones as a travel shop. Smartphone devices accounted for 45.7% of the return-to-school e-commerce visits and 49.3% of Labor Day visits. Smartphones are expected to become more important in future holiday season shopping.

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