Prime Day is coming, what should I do if FBA sells out of stock?

Recently, the order volume of sellers will definitely decline. Many consumers are waiting for the long-awaited July 16 membership day, and the sellers are also gearing up and ready to sell.

I believe that every seller will encounter the situation that the stock is out of stock, and the big sale is also the same. For example, in the Prime Day of last year, a big sale in Guangzhou was five hours before the start of the event, and the store had sold off the whole line. Sitting in the office, there is no goods to sell, I wonder if it is time to cry or laugh?

In the case of possible FBA out of stock, sellers can generally take precautions from three aspects:

First, in the case of determining that there is no infringement factor in the product, as long as the product quality is relatively stable, the seller can properly prepare more goods in the case of funds permitting. Of course, the seller is already ready for adequate stocking. .

Second, when a listing is about to be out of stock, if the time of the out-of-stock evaluation is not too long (usually within a week), the seller should try to sell his own listing in the form of self-delivery before the goods are out of stock.

In this case, there are two advantages to selling: First, avoid the automatic removal of the system because of FBA inventory out of stock, and second, avoid being sold off by other sellers as the ownerless listing.

Third, if your Amazon FBA inventory is tight, we can immediately do an action to increase the price of the product by 50%. This will reduce sales, while still making money, and then estimating when our goods will be replenished.

We know that creating a good listing will allow you to stabilize the sunrise, in order not to let the listing weight down. Therefore, in the process of replenishing our goods, we strongly recommend that you do not consider too much in transportation costs. The faster the replenishment speed, the better! You can give priority to the selection of fast airfreight channels to send a batch of past, and then another batch to consider the issue of transportation costs.

Because the membership day is different from usual, the seller will definitely sell out of stock. Therefore, the inventory is tightly adjusted to the price of the product, and strive to replenish the goods at all times, such as price adjustment, if there is already out of stock, remember that the record of the listed out of stock must not exceed 3 times.

I hope that the sellers can actively prepare for the battle, manage the inventory supply chain well in the peak season, and strive to make more orders and make more money.

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