Seller: A Facebook post made me earn $20,000 in a few hours

Last week, British backpacker Robert Mackereth found a very interesting product in Victoria, Australia, so I took a photo and uploaded it on Facebook and wrote: Australia, you can always surprise me! The best sauce name ever!

Originally, Robert shared the name of this hot sauce to give friends some fun. Unexpectedly, a week later, this post was inexplicably hot. As of this morning, the post has been shared 74,087 times, attracting 9,297 comments.

What kind of name is so attractive? Let’s share it too.

Shit the Bed, you are not mistaken, that is, “pull the bed.” Are you surprised?

The founder of the hot sauce, Renae Bunster, was also amazed at the effect of this post: “I don’t know how to drop it. It broke out when I woke up on Thursday morning. This post has made me earn $8,000 and grew to $13,000 before noon. Soon it will grow to $20,000…”

Amazon stocks selling light

Renae Bunster, a former TV reporter, fell in love with the hot sauce when he went to Mexico for a holiday. After returning to Australia, he didn’t find a similar sauce. He started doing it himself.

In 2015, Renae Bunster applied for crowdfunding and raised $250,000 to start mass production of hot sauce. In addition to establishing her own e-commerce website, she also sold the hot sauce to Amazon.

Because of this post, sales from around the world soared, pushing Shit the Bed back to the top of the Amazon hot sauce category.

Ms. Bunster said: “When we last ranked first, we were out of stock and we quit the top 10.” Now, Shit the Bed is the second in the category of spicy sauce.

“On Thursday morning, our sales on Amazon reached $6,000. After Amazon’s inventory was sold out, we quickly moved to a personal website. People can buy from Amazon, but our warehouses fulfill orders. ”

For the 40-year-old entrepreneur, viral advertising and word of mouth are the only way to sell spicy sauce, because Australia’s two biggest supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, refuse to sell her spicy sauce, and Amazon “will not let you use it.” The name of the deaf person to promote,” she said.

“Facebook changed the algorithm this year, so the brand won’t be put into the user’s feed,” she said. “We accidentally cracked the Facebook algorithm.”

However, Bunster admits that she can’t tell why a vague photo of someone else has been virally transmitted.

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