The seller bought Amazon employees! Delete a bad review of $300

Amazon employees: delete a bad review of $300

In recent years, Amazon has been actively recruiting third-party sellers, which not only increases the variety and quantity of products on the platform, but also effectively reduces product prices.

According to FactSet, there are currently more than 2 million sellers on Amazon, and they sell about 550 million products. Sellers want to increase product exposure, they have to find ways to improve the ranking of products on the search results page. Amazon’s automation system ranks products based on a variety of factors, including the quality of VP reviews, the number of times customers click on a product, and the sales of a product.

“Wall Street Journal” said that some sellers tried to use black technology to drill the loopholes of the system, such as brushing, brushing, etc., and Amazon is also fighting these bad behavior. In order to surpass competitors, there are still some sellers looking for new means, one of which is to buy Amazon employees.

A broker who is in line with the seller and Amazon employees said that some middle-level Amazon employees in China have the right to delete bad reviews, and can get the mailboxes to buy products and keep buyers.

The broker is an intermediary between Amazon employees and sellers who search Amazon employees on WeChat and ask if they are willing to offer these services in exchange for cash.

Those familiar with these operations say that Amazon employees delete a bad review fee of about $300, and brokers usually require a minimum of five.

In order to spend less money, the seller can simply check the buyer’s mailbox and then contact the buyer who left the bad review.

Seller: If you don’t do this, you will die.

According to informed sources, in addition to deleting the bad reviews, Amazon employees also help unblock accounts, provide sales data and other confidential information, such as product sales, keywords used by buyers to search for products on Amazon, and other statistics about buyer habits. Data, etc., cost from $80 to $2,000+.

With this information, sellers can effectively optimize product descriptions and ads to improve search rankings. Amazon does not disclose such detailed sales information, Amazon employees trade with the seller with the help of the broker.

At a recent seller meeting, a broker said that $80 would be able to purchase information about sales data, how many times a user searched for a product, and how many times a user clicked on a product page.

A Chinese Amazon seller said that the competition on Amazon has become so fierce that he wants to use illegal means to gain an advantage. “If I don’t use illegal means, I will die.”

Amazon: Zero tolerance for people who abuse the system

Some people say that such violations of the platform regulations are particularly prominent in China, as the number of Chinese sellers is exploding. Moreover, the salary of Chinese Amazon employees is relatively low, which makes them more adventurous to “earn extra money.”

Currently, Amazon is investigating such internal leaks and is working to eradicate false comments on the platform and other types of seller fraud.

An Amazon spokeswoman said the company has a strict policy and code of business conduct and ethics, and has installed restrictions and auditing systems for what employees can access.

She added in a statement: “Anyone who violates our guidelines will be punished, including dismissal, and potential legal and criminal penalties.” These also apply to sellers. “We are not tolerant of those who abuse our systems. If we find a bad seller with this behavior, we will take immediate action against them.”

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