The seller is vigilant! Another common word infringement occurred

In cross-border e-commerce operations, the biggest risk sellers may face is infringement. Recently, the products allegedly infringed have spread from pet brush gloves to PinkFloyd. In the past two days, another product keyword has been infringed, and the products that are sold with the related icons are strictly infringed. The types of products involved include clothing, footwear and auto parts.

POLO keyword + polo icon infringement

According to industry sources, the infringement of “POLO+Poloball” as shown in the following picture has been concerned by foreign black law:

Although the POLO shirt has become the collective name of “little collar, short and long T-shirt”, even some e-commerce platforms have used it as a clothing category. But when it comes to POLO, people still think of the POLO shirt. Brand US Paul. If the seller uses the “polo” and polo icons in the product or a pattern similar to the polo icon, then it is undoubtedly selling infringing imitations.

For some sellers who may be infringing on the term “polo”, industry sources said that POLO 025 was originally registered, and the 025 category included clothing, shoes and hats, socks and gloves. Industry analyst Wang Zhi analyzed the sellers who were arrested in this infringement case and found that they belonged to two situations: 1. Polo in the title, polo in the picture; 2, Polo in the title and no polo in the picture. I saw only one person caught. As for the products like the above, it is no doubt that the infringement is determined.

In addition to clothing products, some sellers have considered that, in view of Volkswagen’s POLO models, most of the auto parts with “POLO” will also constitute infringement, and Xiaobian has also compiled an article “GBC sues infringing mass products, a batch The seller’s account is frozen, so the seller must be careful to circumvent it.

If you still don’t know what products may constitute “POLO + Polo Label” infringement, then look at the logo below to understand:

Polo Ralph Lauren is a sports outdoor brand founded by Ralph Lauren in the United States in 1967. Its fashion is American and its style is highly stylized. It is the brand’s two famous brands Lauren Ralph Lauren (women’s clothing). Common features with Polo Ralph Lauren (Polo Menswear).

Through the trademark inquiry, Xiaobian found two valid trademarks related to Polo Ralph Lauren:

Suitable products include handbags, backpacks, travel bags, and the like. The following trademark applies to eau de toilette, body sprays, shaving preparations, etc.

The use of the word “POLO” is very broad, and how to avoid infringement, sellers need to think more.

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