Want to make a single order on Prime Day, you must do this!

1, increase advertising budget and bids

The competition in Amazon’s advertising space is fierce. When preparing for Prime Day, you should use Amazon’s advertising algorithm to start with increasing your budget and bids.

Let Amazon see how your ads perform, because better-performing ads get more exposure. Another strategy to consider is to create a campaign for Prime Day, pause other sponsored ads, and use the best-performing keywords to direct traffic to Prime Day ads.

“At Prime Day, keep an eye on your daily budget and don’t let your ads go away! Remember, this is not just about Prime Day, but the halo effect that comes with it.”

2, discount promotion

“It’s not that you can’t participate in the official deal. It doesn’t mean you can’t discount it yourself. Our customers have increased sales by 60% to 70% because of discounts.”

“Our customers have also seen the huge halo effect of the Prime Day sales reversal: their sales have remained at a high level for the next few weeks, and the natural rankings have continued to improve for weeks.”

3, maximize your inventory

“In the process of preparing for Prime Day, an effective inventory plan has a lot of influence.” Prime Day brings a surge in traffic and sales, which improves the best seller ranking, which means during the event and at the end of the event. After that, sales will increase accordingly.

“We found that sales continued to increase in the weeks following Prime Day, ensuring that there is sufficient inventory to take advantage of this opportunity.”

4, give up the products that can not be sold at ordinary times

Never add badly-sold items to the Prime Day promotion. Prime Day buyers who shop on Amazon.com will be overwhelmed by various offers. Discounts on products that are usually sold well will attract buyers’ attention and get a chance to break the order.

The cost of running Prime Day promotions is not cheap, and insisting on using highly-converted products not only provides consumers with what they really want, but also better shapes their brands.

5, review your hot product page

Regardless of whether you plan to promote on Prime Day, just the increase in platform traffic is worth reviewing the listing of hot products. Make sure your title, bullets, images, and descriptions are up to date, as these may be changed without your approval.

6, multi-channel promotion

Don’t just rely on buyers to find your products, you have to tell them that you are doing Prime Day promotions, email, post social media posts and buy paid search ads. Remember to use the #AmazonPrimeDay tag and attach your deal link.

7, dealing with legacy customer issues

Have all customer questions been answered accurately? Have all the bad reviews been answered? Have you taken the initiative to resolve customer issues and complaints in the content? Make sure your page shows: You are concerned about customer feedback.

8, consider Prime Day as a rehearsal

Prime Day is the beginning of the holiday season, so this day can also be used as a rehearsal to check whether the account can successfully cope with the upcoming holiday season.

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