June 24, 2017

Amazon FBA first-course transport – do this impotant three point

Amazon FBA first-course transport – do this three in advance, you will worry-free, package tax package
Amazon FBA has many advantages, but there are some sellers must overcome the difficulties and pain points.

Clearance is difficult


Choose the FBA, the destination country clearance issue is to make the seller more troublesome. Because Amazon is not the “Importer of record”, but only “Ultimate consignee” (Ultimate consignee), they will not be responsible for the seller’s goods clearance, and almost no seller can do all the Amazon in the FBA countries have Own branch to do import. Sellers can choose a professional clearance company, or in the FBA headline by an experienced freight forwarding company responsible.

Now many sellers are multi-site operations, so for different countries of the FBA, the seller should also deal with different delivery and customs clearance requirements. For example, the European countries for the electrical products require CE certificate and CE LOGO; the United States for human contact equipment need FDA DEVICE NO. And MANUFACTUER LIST NO; Japan’s food containers products need to conduct product testing; and the German Customs Association Strict inspection of low declared goods.

Clearance is a very important part of the FBA headline, the deal is not good, the goods are facing the destination country is forced to return to the embarrassment of the goods to the embarrassing situation, and the return of expensive, usually 3-4 times the freight, Greatly increased the additional cost. Some countries will even destroy the customs of goods, there have been sellers because of customs clearance caused by the destruction of goods, loss of tens of thousands of USD, two goods. Freight forwarding is very important.

The first line of high transport costs

Cross-border electricity dealers do FBA, the cost will be involved in the first flight, FBA implementation fees, monthly storage fees, storage and storage services and long-term placement fees. Which, FBA headline to choose what kind of transport more cost savings? Compare you know! The The Shanghai wing Han logistics prices just drop! The Look at signatures, see timeliness, see customs clearance! The The

Return, change the label

When the seller through the freight forwarding company to the goods to the destination country, it is possible to run into other difficulties, or the goods can not be stored, was Amazon return; either by the Amazon system automatically sub-warehouse, the first time delivery and storage The cost will increase dramatically.
There can be a variety of reasons can not be stored, the product specifications may be too large, too heavy, it may be the product packaging does not meet the requirements of these sellers have to communicate with suppliers in advance, because Amazon’s product requirements are very strict. “If there is no product posted and returned, you can re-paste; if the packaging is damaged or do not meet the requirements, the supplier to reset the box.” LHD Logistics in the five countries are equipped with a return for the warehouse, can help sellers The product re-labeled or packaged, into the FBA warehouse.