2017 logistics industry Aspect

With the intensification of globalization and the rapid development of information technology, logistics science has become one of the most influential new disciplines of the 21st century. The following is to learn Xiaobian for everyone finishing on the 2017 countries on the logistics policy, for everyone as a reference, welcome to read!

2017 logistics industry Aspect
1, wisdom logistics
In recent years, the state has introduced a lot of Internet + convenient traffic advice and the wisdom of distribution and other work for the development of intelligent logistics provides a good policy environment.

Wisdom logistics refers to the use of information technology makes equipment and control intelligent, instead of people and higher than the human logistics development of new models, can greatly enhance efficiency. The development of intellectual logistics is also inseparable from the mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and large data, and information technology research and development and use of the most critical.

From the information to the intelligent is a long process, but the logistics business has begun the search, Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other business platform have made the wisdom of logistics, rookie network, Jingdong have open its “logistics laboratory”, no one Machine and storage automation robot equipment have been put into use.

Domestic robot intelligent logistics business areas such as fast positions, Geek + and so began to “take the lead”, quickly get the attention and recognition of capital, robot intelligence logistics will be ushered in 2017 is full of unknown, with the development of artificial intelligence, The development will also be the first major Aspect.

2, the end of distribution
The end of the distribution area commonly known as “the last mile”, the field is still in the stage to be broken, there are a lot of players to join, such as along with APP in July this year to “self-employed” model to solve the “last mile” distribution.

With the development of courier services, express delivery will be an emerging market, and more companies will be the layout of the community convenience store to seize this market, SF’s “Hey”, the “store”, Yuantong “mother Inn “, but the end of the distribution will inevitably be affected by the front-end distribution, so the development of the trunk transport in the relatively perfect future, the end of the field of distribution is also about to play.

3, green logistics
Express service industry rapid growth, data statistics with 17 billion meters per year tape, will be emissions of 20 million -3 million tons of carbon dioxide is expected this year, more than 30 billion courier parcel, accompanied by the express package environmental issues need to be resolved, the Ministry of Commerce 2017 focus on the work, advocacy courier logistics will be more green and low carbon.

Recently, the intelligent platform rookie network Taobao set up green parcel merchandise area, has been operating on Taobao platform. Confirmed that the original rookie network combined with 32 Chinese and global partners to start rookie green alliance – “green plan”, has promised to replace 50% of the packaging materials by 2020, the filler is 100% biodegradable green packaging materials.

Coincidentally, shop 1, Suning Tesco, Jingdong and other electric business together to promote environmentally friendly packaging; city distribution such as the speed of the formation of pure electric fleet, operation and management of pure electric freight logistics vehicles.

China Post Post Logistics Deputy General Manager Jiang Wenyuan said that in September this year, China Post in the country’s 13 provinces, 42 provinces and cities into pure electric vehicles 900, pure electric vehicles as the representative of the new energy vehicles will become the industry development direction.

4, supply chain management
Billion European newsletter, this year the United States Amazon logistics costs change to the distribution, monthly inventory storage costs, inventory configuration service fee three plates.
Since 2016, more and more enterprises began to pay attention to the importance of supply chain management, slowly began to move in this direction, the field of logistics and logistics in the field of the fourth party logistics supply chain management, Where the logistics industry has begun to change from transaction to service, business model is no longer simply rely on the provision of trading platform to earn the difference, but by providing a package of service solutions to the Charge the service fee.
Zhihong logistics president Liu Zhiyuan has said that Chi Hong logistics is not located in the trading platform, the price difference can not get profits, after the study of the product after the infiltration is the main work.

5, understand IT logistics talent
Logistics industry jobs oversupply, talent shortage led to the corresponding talent treatment has improved, according to 58 city recruitment large data show that the first half of the logistics industry average salary of 6430 yuan, hundreds of millions of interviews in a number of logistics industry, a number of founding People have said that the development of the Internet + logistics industry, both understand the logistics and understand the Internet cross-border talent.

In the team management, personnel training is a difficult problem, the current situation is a lot of people who understand the logistics do not understand the Internet, or understand the Internet people do not understand the logic of the logistics industry, the methodology from the Internet and logistics industry from the integration of the world view, Continuously learning to grow is a must path.

Cloud Bird distribution CEO Han Yi that is more with the Internet to systematically set the rules. In the private express off the “market tide”, the express expert Zhao Xiaomin that the “people” investment is the next five years, China Express business success of the key. It is clear that the enterprise has to invest in people to a certain height.

6, multimodal transport
Multimodal transport in China as a unified by two or more means of transport with each other, transshipment to complete the transport process of complex transport, multimodal transport system construction, the need to consider the industrial distribution, logistics and cargo size of the three basic condition. Through different modes of transport docking, the formation of the commercial port, railway cargo terminal and air cargo terminal three hub. In the specific implementation level, the transit of the goods, fast unloading, sorting and loading is difficult.

Multimodal transport in China started late, the need for investment in infrastructure construction, enterprises can not see the profits of the case, will not rush into, so the need to dominate the government.

The development of the Internet has brought the advantages of multimodal transport, and the realization of transparent links between large transport vehicles through large data, road dumping transportation will also become an important factor to promote the development of multimodal transport. This is why the world sink in the verification of rejection of transport mode after the success of the reason is very proud of the founder of the world sink Xu Shuibo said that this is to help the government to do the appropriate thing.

7, cold chain distribution
Roland Berger Management Consulting has predicted that China’s cold chain logistics industry will maintain an average annual growth rate of 25% to 2017, the market size will reach 470 billion yuan.
Capital to the cold chain market, third-party cold chain, fresh electricity business, cold chain park, refrigeration facilities and other market segments become investment hot spots, coupled with the policy dividend to the cold chain logistics development to create a more favorable environment, experts predict “ten During the period of March 5, China’s cold chain will change from the growth of quantity to quality, from the cold storage to the center to the two ends of the extension, the front side of agricultural products picking pre-cold processing, the end of distribution and consumption, production, processing, trade, Full coverage of the industrial chain. But the cold chain operating costs remain high, by the “short board” is more obvious, this year, a large area of ​​fresh electricity business losses, began to pour cold chain logistics development.

Li Jingchun Li Jingchun in an exclusive interview with the billion, said the cold chain logistics competitiveness is not the last mile, but rather the whole chain. Although the fresh cold chain logistics capacity of the competition is ultimately reflected in the C-side home delivery experience, but the actual real cold chain logistics competition is hidden behind the house in the “cold chain chain” logistics capacity. Cold chain distribution capacity is largely the core of the development of intermediate profits.

8, cross-border integration
Internet + new era, cross-border integration is given a new connotation, the logistics industry is even more so, the development of small and medium enterprises Baotuan, industry joint trend. Integration is not only reflected in the online line O2O integration, but also reflected in the cross-industry collaborative development.

In December this year, after entering the Express industry, in December rhyme also set up express project team; Suning as a retail business, and constantly in the warehouse with a single The distribution of models to strengthen the internal force, if the competition with the express business, in the traffic is not dominant, choose to cooperate with the courier business, their own warehouse resources open to the outside world, can achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. Fast positions and the cooperation of the same reason, the market need to solve too many scenes, many do a good job of small and medium enterprises accounted for only a drop in the ocean, mutual integration, coordinated development, is to boost the healthy development of the logistics industry should have the righteousness.

9, supply chain finance
At this year’s Asia Logistics Biennale, Hutchison Logistics Chief Innovation Manager Xu Zhihao will be the development of supply chain finance is divided into four stages: by warehouse inventory; financial factoring; capital flow and logistics match to match; and 4.0 times the supply chain finance Is to solve the entire chain to pay, to achieve the flow of goods, capital flow, data stream of three streams.

Logistics, finance, as a new form of business, enterprises in the development to a certain stage, and banks and fund institutions to jointly develop the financial sector related products, is a matter of course, especially as a supply chain management provider, need to cover the whole industry chain services.

A number of entrepreneurs interviewed in Europe and Europe believe that supply chain finance as a logistics value-added business areas, not the main theme of the logistics business, but to participate in future competition indispensable “trace elements.”
2017 logistics industry Aspect

10, international logistics
With the deepening of the logistics market, international freight is also moving towards the international global market, with an open attitude to meet the challenge, billion Europe has reported the domestic express delivery area SF and postal EMS and “four links one” have begun the international layout.

However, China’s e-commerce logistics business alliance vice president and secretary-general do that there is no one in China can serve the global electricity business logistics enterprises, and FedEx, UPS in 2015 the total operating income of 47.453 billion US dollars and 58.363 billion US dollar, China’s cross-border logistics business to be a breakthrough.

FedEx began to enter the domestic express war situation, express the face of the face of no small challenge, where the founder of Zhou Shihao in an interview with 100 million European Union forecast 2017 sea area will be more exciting. Not only maritime transport, the entire logistics industry in the high logistics and distribution needs under the pressure of innovation before the line, the same will be more exciting, wait and see.

Development and Review of China ‘s Logistics Industry in 2017
First, 2016 China’s logistics industry development characteristics
First, the overall operation of the trend to stabilize the quality. In the case of a slowdown in the first quarter, with the economic growth stabilized, the second quarter since the social logistics demand steadily. It is expected that the total social logistics will reach 230 trillion yuan, up by 6% over the same period of last year. The total cost of social logistics will be about 11 trillion yuan, up by about 3% and the growth rate will be basically the same as that of the previous year. The total cost of social logistics and GDP ratio is expected to fall to less than 15%, the logistics operation quality and efficiency steadily. China’s logistics prosperity index opened lower, the annual average of 55.2%, 0.2 percentage points higher than the previous year; after September to maintain the upper and lower 60%, into the high boom range, showing a strong recovery momentum.

Second, the market supply and demand structure of the depth of adjustment. From the demand to see, industrial logistics, high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing logistics needs to enter a rapid growth range, is expected to grow at around 10%; and consumer-related units and residents of the total logistics, is expected to maintain 40 % Of the high-speed growth trend. During the “double eleven” period, China’s electricity business logistics index rose to 213.5 points, an increase of 49 points over the previous year. Consumers and consumer business related to the express delivery business and business income completed 31.35 billion and 400.5 billion yuan, an increase of 51.7% and 44.6%. With the consumer upgrades and food safety concerns, cold chain logistics market demand will reach 220 billion yuan, an increase of 22.3%. Consumption of logistics needs of personalized, branding trend is obvious.

From the supply to see, adjust the structure, to increase the capacity to increase the quality of supply has improved. By the new GB1589 revised the introduction of a new round of highway governance and the impact of the New Deal, road freight market to accelerate the pace of capacity. Since September, large trucks overweight behavior has been effectively curbed, deck cars, non-standard vehicles gradually out of the market, low tariffs appear reasonable return. China’s road freight index rose continuously after September, rose to 106.8 points in December, up 15.3% over the same period last year. China’s road freight efficiency index for six consecutive months at a high level, the average vehicle mileage and transport time continued to improve. Road transport to the railway transport transfer, the second half of the railway freight stabilized, the state railway to send goods 2.65 billion tons, for 5 consecutive months to achieve positive growth. By the impact of maritime bankruptcy, the international shipping market supply surplus situation has eased, shipping prices stabilized rebound. December 30, China’s export container freight index was 951.66 points, up 224.75 points over the beginning. Logistics enterprises large-scale, intensive development, A-class logistics enterprises more than 4,000.

Third, the development of ways to accelerate innovation and innovation. First, mergers and acquisitions, Union cooperation cases increased. China Ocean Shipping Corporation and China Shipping Corporation reorganized the establishment of China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd., to achieve the fleet integrated capacity, dry bulk owned fleet capacity, tanker capacity, grocery special fleet capacity and many other first in the world. In the shares to become the British HB Group’s controlling shareholder, into the overseas commodity futures delivery warehouse business. Strategic alliance, joined the cooperation to deepen, Andhra Logistics and Suning reached a strategic cooperation, sharing a nationwide network of resources. Railway Corporation and Haier Group strategic cooperation, Haier electrical special needs to train. Rookie network led the establishment of “rookie Union”, integrated electricity business courier business map. Freight market to join the model to speed up the development, Debon logistics franchise business partners to break through 5,000, the card line to join the network and more than 10,000 lines.
Second, cross-border integration, platform integration, business model innovation. Express, Express, vehicle and other segments of the logistics market penetration, the market boundaries gradually blurred. Logistics Park from the property management to warehouse dry with the market operations, logistics and logistics, Lin’an logistics have introduced the relevant freight products. Shunfeng cold transport food land transport trunk network start, the whole cold chain supply chain supply chain market. Far into the logistics into Express Express, cold chain, supply chain, real estate and other fields, to create excellent integrated logistics service brand. Various types of enterprises to further promote the platform strategy, platform-based enterprises to enhance the integration of self-employed enterprises to the community open warehouse with the network. A number of Internet platform enterprises in the context of the whole year of cold capital, to speed up the business model iteration, and actively extended to the line, and strengthen the supply organization and service experience, online and offline depth of integration.

Third, the supply chain chain of services to upgrade. A number of logistics enterprises into the manufacturing, business enterprise supply chain, to carry out supplier management inventory, logistics warehouse with integration, supply chain finance and other business, optimize supply chain collaboration. HNA Logistics $ 6 billion acquisition of the United Kingdom British International, the layout of the global supply chain market. China Merchants Logistics Group plans to invest 600 million yuan in Wuxi to build logistics supply chain integration services. Nisshin Logistics released large-scale logistics solutions, providing warehousing distribution installation without breakpoint service, the development of new benchmark for supply chain services.

Fourth, logistics enterprises in the capital market. Long-term logistics, Baowan logistics, Yuantong courier, STO courier and a number of courier, logistics companies have landed A-share market; Deli logistics, Asia Express, easy flow technology, Ansett supply chain and a number of innovative enterprises among the ” “; Card line world, shipped full, truck to help, heaven and earth and a number of emerging enterprises to attract a new round of financing; Ping An Bank, Fosun Group, Red

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