Trump has changed again and will impose a 25% tax on China

According to Global Network report, the White House official website issued a statement on the 29th that the United States will strengthen the implementation of export control to relevant Chinese and entities that acquire major technology in the US industry and adopt specific investment restrictions. It is planned to officially announce relevant measures by June[…]

Research more than 1200 Amazon professional sellers, the trend of future layout has become clear

As the e-commerce platform with the highest market penetration rate and fastest growth rate, Amazon provides very rich customer resources and sufficient room for growth for third-party sellers. At the same time, however, sellers are also facing extremely fierce market competition. To stand out from the fierce competition, sellers must not only understand the development[…]

New adjustments to Amazon Feedback, sellers in the United States have been hit hard

Recently, Amazon seems to have made a real difference in reorganizing reviews! The comments included Review and Feedback. When the review of domestic sellers was cleared, foreign sellers said that the feedback has been adjusted…. Amazon only shows last year’s Feedback Foreign media reported that Amazon’s Feedback has only been received last year, not the[…]

Amazon pulls black high-return-rate buyers, AliExpress strengthens punishment for storing category items

Foreign media reported that Amazon has recently sealed a group of buyers with higher return rates. The sellers who have been maliciously returned are calling for great satisfaction. To increase the shopping experience for the platform’s consumers, AliExpress announced that it will strengthen the virtual category of storage products. What are the cross-border news today?[…]

Amazon FBA Customer Service System Upgrade: Expert Advisory Troubleshooting Services

Last week, Amazon sent an e-mail to the Prime Group of the United States, informing everyone that the Prime membership’s annual fee went up, from $99 to $119 a year. The letter also mentions an important message, that is, prime-eligible’s product category has exceeded 100 million! ● 1 center: customer experience is supreme ● 3[…]

Facebook gives benefits to sellers, and a big wave of red nets is your choice!

Acebook allows sellers to trade directly with Net Red It is understood that Facebook is testing a red platform, where sellers can find online reds matching their own products for product promotion, off-site drainage, and increase exposure on Facebook. This is really a big deal. Benefits ~~ As shown above, the seller can select different[…]

Amazon Into Alibaba Base Camp, Shopee Releases First Quarter Financial Results

Amazon Goes Deep into Alibaba Base Hangzhou On May 17th, Beijing time, was preparing to go deep into the headquarters of and face up with the Chinese e-commerce giant. In the coming weeks, Amazon will soon hold an event in Hangzhou, where Alibaba is headquartered. Interact with 400 Chinese manufacturers who are passionate[…]

In order to restore the lost Prime members, Amazon offers a 10% discount on the total food

At the end of last month, Amazon raised Prime’s membership fee and scared off half of its members, perhaps to restore the situation. It began offering 10% discounts to Prime members at Whole Foods. Amazon offers Prime members 10% discount at Whole Foods Supermarket This Wednesday, at the Whole Foods store in Florida, Amazon has[…]

Amazon pushes new delivery feedback policy, this time absolutely beneficial to small and medium sellers

Amazon adjusted its delivery feedback policy. The new policy will take some protective measures for sellers, which is absolutely good news for small and medium sellers.Amazon feedback new policy to protect sellers! real or fake?Recently, Amazon introduced a new delivery feedback policy to protect sellers from some “harm.” Not surprisingly, not surprised? The Amazon, which[…]