How to use Amazon negative reviews to increase sales, optimize rankings, improve products

Amazon Product Reviews is an important purchase factor for Amazon because Amazon customers rely on the evaluation of other Amazon customers. Product evaluation not only provides customers with valuable information, but also includes distributors and manufacturers. As customers here voluntarily submit their assessment of the product, they offer the possibility of conducting a free market[…]

From July 15th, Amazon will fully reduce the commission of 22 categories!

Amazon will again make major adjustments to the seller’s commissions, with 22 categories of commissions falling by between 5.5% and 20%. In addition to the commission reduction, the seller’s other expenses are also expected to decrease by 25%. India stops reducing commission for multi-category sellers by 20% Recently, Amazon India Station has determined to reduce[…]

Amazon Australia: Prime strikes, are you ready?

In response to the Australian government’s recently introduced taxation policy, Amazon decided to ban Australian consumers from visiting their overseas sites starting July 1. Therefore, Australian consumers are quite resistant to Amazon. In order to ease the dissatisfaction of Australian consumers with Amazon, Amazon launched the long-awaited Prime membership service. Australian Prime Benefits After subscribing[…]

To enter the $29 billion e-commerce market in Africa, you must know this!

There are many reasons why Africa lags behind e-commerce, such as lack of Internet access, poverty, high illiteracy rate, and low logistics efficiency. Most of these problems persist, but technological advances, especially smart phones, have allowed more Africans to access the Internet and mobile payment systems. As a result, the continent may become the next[…]

Nearly 500 containers from several shipping companies such as Maersk in India catch fire

At 22:15 local time on June 13, local time, a public barge carrying containers of Maersk, Hyundai Merchant Shipping and many other shipping companies exploded in Indian waters. Nearly 500 containers were ignited and a large number of cargoes were buried. Sea of fire. The cause of the fire was the explosion of a container[…]