UK’s green e-commerce platform Veo will go live in June, calling itself “Earth-Friendly Amazon”

On April 22nd, Earth Day, Veo announced that it will launch a new featured platform in June this year and promise to be the most environmentally friendly platform in the world. Recognizing the need to create a friendly, healthy, green world, the Veo team has created a shopping platform for consumers who care about the[…]

New rules in Europe! E-commerce platform can not close the seller account casually

Recently, the European Parliament passed a series of new regulations aimed at limiting the power of online platforms operated by technology giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook. The EU said the new rules will affect about 7,000 online platforms. The European Parliament has taken the initiative to curb the online platform “chaos” A[…]

EU announces list of US imports of goods with a tariff of 20 billion US dollars

According to information released by the European Commission, this is a counter-measure by the United States after the United States threatened to impose tariffs on EU goods valued at about 11 billion U.S. dollars on April 8th due to the anti-subsidy dispute in the aviation industry. It is understood that on April 9th, the US[…]

Amazon faces Italian antitrust agency investigation

Since its launch in 2010, Amazon Italy has grown into the largest e-commerce website in Italy. In 2018, its net sales exceeded $2.3 billion. Amazon is suspected of abusing its market monopoly The Italian antitrust agency said on Tuesday that it has investigated Amazon’s five subsidiaries in Europe because they may abuse Amazon’s market dominance[…]

Amazon opens buyer data to sellers for free

Consumer demographic information can be viewed directly later! The brand analytics feature that Amazon offers to eligible sellers includes consumer demographics, as well as keyword search, popular keywords, clickthrough rates, and conversion rates to give sellers a better understanding of their customer demographics. Free open demographic information Amazon now allows third-party sellers to access the[…]

Amazon downgrades some product commissions, effective June 5

Amazon will adjust the commission rate for some products, which will take effect on June 5. Amazon commission adjustments will result in lower commissions for many product categories, but certain categories of commissions will increase. Most categories of commission down The percentage of commission for groceries (excluding beer, wine and spirits), beauty, health and personal[…]

Hot selling toy infringement, a large number of sellers were accused yesterday, someone was fined $7500

Yesterday, another infringement case, the infringing products were hot children’s toys, a large number of sellers were accused, and faced with the punishment of freezing the account. A large number of sellers were accused of infringement A number of Wish sellers broke the news and received an infringing email from the platform yesterday. The contents[…]

Amazon will be very different in the next 10 years

If strong growth in the non-retail sector is a sign, then Amazon will be very different in the next 10 years. Over the years, Amazon has grown from selling books to selling almost everything, and offering a range of additional services, including free shipping, same-day delivery, video streaming, smart home devices and cloud storage. Just[…]