A product bursts red Instagram, selling crazy on Amazon

Foreign media news, a pearl hairpin sold on Amazon recently fired, network reds and fashion stars have been conquered by it, and started the model for this hairpin endorsement.

A cheap pearl hairpin popular on Instagram

Some fashion reds on the Internet will upload their latest photos to Instagram. Most of the fashionistas upload products that are often too expensive, so many people are discouraged and can only enjoy it.

However, recently, all kinds of fashion reds on Instagram have been circled by a cheap pearl hairpin. Not only the reds, but also models and writers are showing the product. This made netizens feel lucky, and finally there is a popular item that can afford it. It is estimated that this will allow many exquisite pig girls to place orders directly.

In the past few months, the number of women sharing their hairpin photos on Instagram has soared.

There are trend alerts, and today’s Instagram has been taken over by Amazon’s cheap pearl hair clips. Dozens of influential reds like Claude-Alicia play Call on social media sites, and the Reds will bring them. The hair clips show a variety of shapes to showcase the product.

As a result, many people have seized the opportunity to snap up this hairpin and then show off their views on this trend on Instagram. In some shows, some people like to wear multiple hair clips at the same time, and some people bring one or two hair clips to match different clothes.

According to Google Trends, the search for pearl hairpins began to soar at the end of last year, and there is still a hot search trend for this year’s Spring Festival.

Hairpins are hot on Amazon, and buyers say they are so beautiful.

It turns out that these hairpins are not only popular on Instagram, but also on Amazon. The product also has a set, a set of 3 different hair clips, priced at only 2.3 US dollars. There are also four sets of hair clips for $7.99.

Buyers gave enthusiastic comments on these hairpins, which are now 4.5 stars out of a 5-star rating. A buyer commented: “Although this hair accessory is cheap, its quality is much better than the design that cost a lot of money.” There are also comments saying: “The hair clips are exactly the same as the photos, it’s so beautiful!” There are also buyers who said: “In terms of price, their quality is very good, and they are big and thick, not fragile at all. The hair clips are beautiful, and the production and packaging are beautiful. It is definitely worth buying.”

However, this type of pearl hairpin is popular and hot, and Xiaobian needs to remind cross-border sellers that there is a brand behind this product, everyone should know.

Another product that bursts red through social networks, and interested cross-border sellers can pay attention to it. The popularity of such pearl hairpins is accompanied by fashion, which is similar in fashion week and T-stage and even some big-name designs. element. Therefore, focusing on foreign trends and social media trends will greatly help the selection.

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