alert! 18 errors to be avoided by new Amazon sellers

Account setting error

1, register multiple accounts

One seller and one account, don’t be too greedy. More than not only violate the regulations, but also do not necessarily come over.

2, the product or seller information contains URL

This is also a violation of Amazon’s policy.

3, copy the settings of other sellers

Competitors don’t have to be right, and it’s best to constantly review, test, and optimize their accounts based on their own situation.

4, choose the wrong seller account type

Be sure to research and choose the type of seller account that best suits you.

5, mix the way other platforms work

Even if you have been a seller of eBay, AliExpress or eBay, don’t take it for granted. The operating structure of the platform is different.

Product listing error

6, the product title contains the offer information

Adding promotional offers such as “20% off” and “Lowest Price” to the title is tempting, but it violates the rules.

7, using non-Amazon approved categories

Amazon emphasizes that the product category matches the browse tree on the platform.

8, the title contains information that Amazon does not allow

For example using HTML code, &,! Special symbols such as *, *, $, etc., as well as the promotion information, URL, etc. mentioned above.

9, add promotional text to the image

Violation of the rules~

10, use a colorful background or photo of life photos

It is best to use a product image with a white background.

11, using image borders, watermarks, text, etc.

For example, use line drawings, animated images, and other artistic expressions.

Order fulfillment error

12, the freight is too high

Many buyers are accustomed to free and fast delivery, and the freight is too high to scare them away.

13, delayed delivery

A big factor in attracting buyers from Amazon is that the delivery is fast. If the delivery is too late, the buyer will be quite unaccustomed and then leave you.

14, packaged with promotional materials

If you use FBA, this kind of operation is not possible. If it is shipped, be careful to get buyers annoyed.

15, by email notification management account

Emails are easy to lose, delete, or miss. Don’t just wait for Amazon’s email notifications, or respond to customer needs, manage inventory, and handle account activity.

Customer service error

16, with material rewards for praise

Amazon has banned motivating comments, and it is illegal to brush reviews.

17, raw buyer

Although there are always buyers who want to make you cheap, but anger can not solve the problem, and is harmful to health. You can choose to act with emotion, to convince people, or to rule the rule.

18, that buyers will read the product description or policy carefully

Not all buyers will read the product description or store policy when they shop, so if you feel what content needs to be known to the buyer, you can specify it in multiple places.


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