Amazon ARA data is to be made public

In this era of e-commerce data is king, who can more deeply explore the data, more accurate analysis of data, who can confidently occupy the position of the market leader. Recently, Amazon has come to let the sellers like the big news – the Amazon ARA data will be opened to the brand record 2.0 sellers for free.

What is Amazon ARA?

Amazon ARA’s full name is Amazon Retail Analytics Premium, translated into Chinese means: Amazon advanced retail analysis capabilities.

With the Amazon ARA tool, you can help sellers analyze competitors’ data, sales performance, and consumer purchase behavior, and have a certain guiding effect on seller sales.

Sellers who previously had this feature must have VC qualifications and can be divided into two versions: one is Basic (basic or free), one is Premium (advanced version), and the annual usage fee is $30,000 (about 20) Tens of thousands of yuan). Now, as long as your third-party seller account has the R standard, and naturally through the brand record 2.0, this feature is available.

The seller can find the module in the background, click Report, then click on Brand Analytics

You can see the interface of Brand Analytics input keywords: corresponding to daily; weekly; Monthly; Quarterly.

In addition, you can also enter the ASIN interface: display the keywords of all ASIN searches, as shown below, you can view the keywords of specific ASIN orders, although not as comprehensive as VC sellers, but generally can be seen.

This module can analyze the popularity of products and consumers’ keen search based on the number of keywords in a certain category when the seller selects products, help sellers find products with relatively small competition, and develop unfamiliar products. Sharp weapon.

Compare the uniqueness, attention, and conversion rate of your product development with the product category of the same category to judge whether the product development meets the market demand; compare and analyze your own products and any other products according to pre-sales, orders, and recent data to view your products. Sales performance.

At present, Amazon’s free version of the ARA to sellers, in terms of promotion, can also help sellers to select page layout keywords and advertising keywords based on keyword search heat, so that product promotion is more convenient.

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