hit a record high, and US e-commerce stocks rose

This year’s Net One has once again become the biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history. Affected by “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”, US e-commerce stocks generally rose…

Amazon has a record high

According to foreign media reports, Amazon announced today that this year’s “Cyber ​​Monday” (Cyber ​​Monday) once again became the biggest shopping day in the company’s history, this day Amazon sold more goods than any day.

On this year’s “Black Friday” (last Friday) and “Online Shopping Monday” (November 26) two major promotional days, Amazon’s global users ordered more than 18 million toys and more than 13 million fashion items. . From Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day to Monday’s “Online Shopping Monday,” users ordered more than 180 million items in these five days.

“Online shopping Monday” transaction volume is expected to hit a new high

On November 26th, the E-commerce stocks generally rose. Except for Amazon’s 5.28%, Carvana, a used car e-commerce platform in the niche area, rose 5.65%, Etsy, a literary and electronic platform, rose 6.54%, and the home e-commerce platform Wayfair It rose 3.46%. Among the traditional retailers that have transformed into e-commerce, Cole department store rose 2.88%, Taggit rose 2.82%, Nordstrom rose 1.46%, and Wal-Mart rose 0.05%. Market research firm Adobe Insights revealed on Monday morning (November 26) local time that “Online Shopping Monday” sales will reach $7.8 billion at the end of the day, making it the largest online shopping day in US history.

“Black Five” and then the sea mad frenzy

On November 26th, e-commerce shopping guide returned to the net to release news, the whole platform Haitao orders increased by 152% compared with last year, Tmall International, Amazon overseas purchase, Netease koala, aesthetic beauty, iHerb, Austrian buyers, TT sea purchase The Farfetch, the gangsters, and the 10 cross-border e-commerce companies such as, which has just been renamed as “Haicang Global”, have made China’s “black wind” more and more fierce. According to rebirth data, Tmall International has the largest number of orders on its platform during the Black Five Period this year. Haishu Global and Netease Koala are ranked second and third. The fourth and fifth are Amazon’s overseas purchases and剁 hand help.

Amazon Power Digital Wallet Business Promote Amazon Pay offline

Recently, some media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Amazon is negotiating with physical retailers, hoping to persuade the latter to accept its digital wallet service: Amazon Pay. The person familiar with the matter said that initially Amazon wanted to work with gas stations, restaurants and other businesses that had no direct competition with Amazon.

In order to attract merchants to accept Amazon Pay, Amazon will provide some preferential measures, such as lower payment processing fees, and promotion services for businesses. The above-mentioned insiders said that if successful, Amazon can extend its paid services beyond online transactions.

US Black Friday Shopping APP installed capacity list: Amazon sits firmly on the top, Wish catches up with eBay

More Black Americans are shopping on mobile devices this year, and mobile phone sales are as high as $2.1 billion. Apple app store App Store’s APP installed data in the US also reflects the general trend of mobile shopping.

Amazon has added about 115,000 new app users this year, an increase of 11.7% from 2017. However, Wal-Mart added 95,000 new APP users, an increase of 39.7% over last year. Target, the US department store, is the third-largest shopping app in terms of installed capacity this year, with about 62,000 new users, an increase of about 3.3% from 2017. The top 10 list of Shopping APP installers also includes Wish, Best Buy, eBay, Offer Up, Fashion Nova, Macy’s and JCPenney.

The fight disappeared from the App Store: the reason for being removed from the shelf is unknown

Billion Euro News: On November 27th, the iPad has disappeared from the App Store, and the search has a lot of keywords. Currently, only the business version can be found. According to the data of Qimai, the version of the APP has been updated on November 25th. As for the reasons for the removal, it is not known. A lot of relevant responsible person responded that the latest version of the iOS client (buyer version) has technical bugs, resulting in a short-term release.

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