Amazon downgrades some product commissions, effective June 5

Amazon will adjust the commission rate for some products, which will take effect on June 5. Amazon commission adjustments will result in lower commissions for many product categories, but certain categories of commissions will increase.

Most categories of commission down

The percentage of commission for groceries (excluding beer, wine and spirits), beauty, health and personal care, and baby products (excluding baby clothes) will be reduced from 15% to 8%, which applies to a total sale price of 10 Euros. Products of /10 pounds or less. Amazon will continue to charge a 15% commission on products that sell for more than €10/10.

Amazon will reduce the commission on furniture products from 15% to 10%, which applies to the part that exceeds the total price of 200 Euro / 175 pounds, but this adjustment does not apply to mattresses. The commission rate for mattresses will remain at 15%.

The commission rate for jewellery products will be reduced from 20% (25% in the UK) to 5%, which applies to the portion of the total price of 250 Euro / 225 GBP.

The commission rate for watches will be reduced from 15% to 5%, which applies to the portion of the total price of 250 Euro / 225 GBP.

France station: TV, computer products commission increase

Amazon has announced that all product categories except the grocery and media categories have a minimum commission of €0.30 / £0.25 per book, including books, music, video, video games, DVDs and software.

In addition, the percentage of commissions for TV, notebooks and computers at Amazon France will increase from 5% to 7%.

Dangerous goods monthly inventory storage fee increase

In addition, Amazon charges a higher monthly storage fee for hazardous products and other hazardous materials (hazmat) that require special handling. Dangerous goods include dangerous goods containing flammable or pressurized aerosol materials.

This adjustment will first be reflected in the collection of storage fees in April 2019, which is the actual product storage cost that occurred in March 2019. The monthly storage fees for other products remain unchanged.
Amazon strongly supports the development of small and medium sellers

Amazon released a press release on Tuesday, announcing that it has adopted 50 ways to help sellers this year. The platform said it has launched new tools and services this year to help small and medium sellers successfully sell products online and expand their business. These tools include analytical tools added to sellers and new workflows for global sales.

Amazon points out that it invests billions of dollars each year in infrastructure, tools and services to help small and medium sellers sell products online.

More than half of all products sold on the Amazon platform come from SMEs.

Amazon’s recent investments cover solutions and services in shipping, sales and advertising, including:

1. Brand Analysis: Enhanced brand analysis capabilities provide sellers with information about popular search terms and comparable products.

2. Exempt FBA monthly storage fee and removal fee for eligible sellers: With the FBA monthly storage fee and removal fee exemption, sellers in certain regions can now test a certain number of new products during the promotion period.

3. Global Registration Experience: The new Global Sales (SAW) workflow provides sellers with personalized guidance to help sellers grow their business globally.

4, seller university interactive learning tutorial: update the seller’s interactive online learning course for small and medium sellers to provide practical opportunities to help them better run Amazon stores.

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