Amazon faces Italian antitrust agency investigation

Since its launch in 2010, Amazon Italy has grown into the largest e-commerce website in Italy. In 2018, its net sales exceeded $2.3 billion.

Amazon is suspected of abusing its market monopoly

The Italian antitrust agency said on Tuesday that it has investigated Amazon’s five subsidiaries in Europe because they may abuse Amazon’s market dominance in e-commerce and logistics services.

The agency said it has Amazon Services Europe, Amazon Europe Core, Amazon EU, Amazon Italia Services and Amazon Italy Logistics (Amazon Italia Logistica) Launches the investigation process.

The competition watchdog said in a press release that third-party sellers can only get certain benefits from Amazon if they sign up with the logistics services provided by US retail giant Amazon.

Amazon commented on the matter by mail: “We are working fully with the Italian antitrust agency.”

The agency said it has cooperated with the anti-monopoly department of the tax police to investigate the Amazon subsidiary involved and said the investigation will end on April 15 next year.

Amazon faces increasing global regulatory review

Amazon, which dominates the online shopping and search market, is facing increasing regulatory scrutiny.

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said last month that the European Union may announce a formal investigation into the use of third-party seller data by the technology giant. US Congressman Elizabeth Warren and Blumenthal Richard Blumenthal also called for antitrust measures against Amazon.

In 2019, Amazon has been in trouble.

Since the beginning of 2019, Amazon’s negative news has been overwhelming. I don’t know if Bezos will feel “brain pain”.

First, the American gossip tabloid broke the private message between the “sister husband” and the third child who is also married. Then, the news that the seller manipulated the comments continued, making people doubt the reliability of the reviews on the Amazon platform. Then, the Amazon website was found to sell products that may endanger children’s safety, causing public outrage. The unmovable products are removed from the shelves and the accounts are blocked. This is to make the Amazon sellers feel “fear of fear.”

Last week, the Amazon smart speaker Alexa voice system was exposed to “eavesdropping” user conversations. On Monday, its German logistics staff went on a general strike to increase salaries and improve the working environment.

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