Amazon favors, 78% of corporate buyers want to buy from here

As the world’s top cross-border e-commerce platform, Amazon has attracted tens of millions of consumers to spend online shopping malls, but you may not know that it is not just individual consumers who are keen to buy and buy in Amazon, but also from corporate Amazon. Purchasing has a strong interest.

According to foreign media, 8 out of 10 corporate buyers will research and purchase products on Amazon, which is more than any other market. A recent study by B2BecNews shows that corporate buyers want to be able to use Amazon more, but unfortunately, many manufacturers and distributors have no plans to cost Amazon sellers.

B2B buyers are eager to expect that Amazon sellers are lagging behind

According to B2BecNews’ survey of 110 buyers from a wide range of industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare and industrial products, 8 out of 10 commercial buyers will use Amazon for online research and corporate procurement. Undoubtedly, Amazon is a corporate consumer. The most used B2B market.

In a multiple-choice vote on “Which markets you will research and purchase in which market”, 78.4% of respondents chose Amazon, 36.5% chose Alibaba, and 28.4% chose ThomasNet, 24.3% The company chose Wholesale Central, and 16.6% of the companies chose Wholesale Central.

But the imbalance is that in a survey of manufacturers whether you are selling on Amazon B or C, only 38.9% of the companies are currently selling on Amazon, and 61.1% of the manufacturers are not. Amazon sells, and nearly half of the 61.1% of manufacturers say they have no plans to sell on Amazon.

So when are these manufacturers planning to sell on Amazon plan to open a store?

21.7% of the companies said they would act within six months, and another 21.7% said that the store opened between six months and one year, and 8.8% said the time would be one to two years. 47.8% of the manufacturers are completely uninterested.

The dealers participating in the survey are similar to the manufacturer.

According to the survey, only 40.3% of distributors sell on Amazon. The proportion of dealers who do not sell on this platform is 59.7%. However, compared with manufacturers, more dealers who have not yet started business on Amazon have indicated that they have no intention to start this business. Business, this ratio is as high as 70.3%. In addition, 10.8% of dealers not sold on Amazon plan to start operations within six months, 5.4% of dealers plan to start sales between six months and one year, and 13.5% of dealers believe that this time will be one Between year and two.

From the perspective of corporate sellers, when they purchase enterprise supplies, the websites they visit most and most want to place orders are Amazon. That is to say, manufacturers and distributors who have not yet started selling on Amazon have a large number of potential customers. Do you want to catch it?

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