Amazon FBA Customer Service System Upgrade: Expert Advisory Troubleshooting Services

Last week, Amazon sent an e-mail to the Prime Group of the United States, informing everyone that the Prime membership’s annual fee went up, from $99 to $119 a year. The letter also mentions an important message, that is, prime-eligible’s product category has exceeded 100 million!

● 1 center: customer experience is supreme

● 3 basic points: unlimited sku selection, the lowest price of the entire network, fast and ultimate delivery.

Prime-eligible’s products include: Amazon’s proprietary products, FBA products from third-party sellers, products participating in SFP program, products participating in Amazon Flex program, and products participating in Onsite program.

The 45th article quoted data from a February 2017 report. At the beginning of 2017, there were only 50 million Prime-eligible products. Unexpectedly, in more than a year, this figure has doubled. The speed of growth is staggering!

At this time Forrest told you that if Amazon can provide 100 million Prime-eligible products, including our cross-border e-commerce FBA products, to provide advanced customer service – “TroubleShooting” expert troubleshooting service, that is, to help buyers through telephone and online chat Real-time solutions to the problems encountered in the use of various products, thus reducing the return rate and improving customer experience services, do you feel terrible? Do you think that FBA and Prime must become invincible?!

In addition to FBA’s well-known shortcomings, such as high overall costs, the need for sub-stocking, once the slow-moving processing troubles need to move the library, there is an important drawback, that is, FBA return rate is generally higher than the same product FBM high. Because Amazon has designed the FBA return process too easily, it is too simple: without the seller’s approval, the buyer can get the entire return process with 4-5 mouse clicks, and in most cases the buyer does not have to pay for return shipping. In addition, Amazon’s customer service team is not familiar with the seller’s products. Customers have technical problems and problems with their products. Many times they can’t directly contact the sellers, and they can only retreat. Therefore, FBA’s return rate is naturally high. No less. And once the goods are returned, it is likely that there will be a 1 star review.

Amazon apparently has realized this problem, so it quietly launched the “Talk to an expert”, real-time expert consultation and troubleshooting services. Amazon embeds this service into the return process. For example, in the figure below, the customer has to withdraw an electric water boiler. When Amazon clicks on the return process, Amazon places the expert consultation troubleshooting option in front of the “refund”: You do not return, there is a problem, we The product experts can teach you hands-on, maybe you do not need to return!

If the customer chooses to chat with the expert in real time, he will enter the chat interface in the figure below. Through this expert customer service system, Amazon intervenes in real-time on FBA customer return requests, and the effect is obvious. In particular, for various types of system and version compatibility issues, and for various initialized electronic products, the return rate must be reduced. In the face of the trend of countries all over the world gradually entering the aging society, this expert service can also help many middle-aged and old-aged customers who use the new products “inappropriate” to control the return rate of products.

It should be noted that this hot water bottle is not Amazon’s proprietary product, but it is an authentic FBA product of a cross-border e-commerce third-party seller in China. So why does Amazon have to hire its own “experts” to provide this service? In addition to the above analysis, we can also simply calculate an account. Or take the above kettle as an example. The kettle price + return shipping cost + return processing labor cost is estimated to be close to $70. Assuming that Amazon pays expert technicians a salary of $25/hr, if he/she could successfully resolve a return request in 10-15 minutes, the economic benefits would be considerable. This has not yet calculated the other secondary benefits such as the increase in repurchasing rate brought about by the increase in customer experience. It is clear that expert customer service is a worthwhile sale.

So how can Amazon allow its expert customer service team to become familiar with and understand the characteristics of each product in the face of the vast array of Prime-eligible products?

● First, because Amazon has the most comprehensive information about products, Amazon not only has all kinds of information on this brand of kettle, such as technical parameters and manual, it also has all the information on the platform for selling kettles; Amazon has a product page ” Customer questions & answers” information, review information, feedback information, etc. Combining this information together is a powerful troubleshooting book.

● Secondly, Amazon can also pass responsibility for writing troubleshooting strategies to sellers who are willing to participate in the “Expert Customer Service” project. They are written, provided, uploaded, and continuously updated by the seller to the Amazon system, so that the expert customer service team can view it in real time.

● In the future, Amazon will also pack FBA expert customer service packages into packages, sell them to sellers, and pass on the cost of hiring “expert technical team” to sellers.

● Or more extreme, Amazon requires sellers to build their own expert technical team, 24 hours online, when guests click on “talk to an expert”, Amazon system automatically access to the seller’s expert customer service team.

Amazon currently only provides expert customer service to Prime-eligible products that are hot and have a relatively high unit price. It is foreseeable that Amazon will gradually expand the scope of expert customer service to improve the customer experience -> reduce the return rate -> increase the willingness of third-party sellers to use FBA or join other Prime-related shipping programs -> more products become Prime- Eligible -> Prime grows further.

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