Amazon FBA inventory has been slow-moving? You should try these 5 methods

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Sellers want FBA inventory to be sold as soon as they arrive on the warehouse shelf, and never need to pay monthly or long-term storage fees. But for all Amazon sellers, the reality is that inevitably there will be situations where inventory flows are stagnant.

The following are five Amazon sales tips that can help you speed up the sales of Amazon FBA products.

1, adjust the price

You have two options for adjusting the price of your product – up or down. In some cases, you need to reduce your commodity prices before you can sell inventory. Maybe when you send this item to the FBA warehouse, the bid price has become higher, and you will have to reduce the price of the product for the next sale. As usual, you can use Keapa and CamelCamel, two free Amazon tools, to ensure that reducing your price is your best choice.

However, in some cases, you need to increase the price instead of lowering the price. Even if a penny rises or falls, it will trigger sales. Adjusting the price of a product, even if the price just rises a bit, will cause Amazon’s algorithm to put your inventory in a buy box, and the search ranking will be higher, so that the customer will soon reprice Can buy your goods. You may find it strange, but raising prices can sometimes be useful.

2, improve the product page

Sometimes it may be because your product page is terrible. No one wants to buy products on the Internet that look terrible or have poor product descriptions. In your catalog, you need to find ways to improve these product maps, product names, keywords, and more.

For example, if a seller has a Super Mario Bros puzzle in the catalog, and the product name on the Amazon product page is Mario puzzle, there is no introduction to Super Mario Bros. The result was not sold for a long time. Only a good product name can more easily appear in the customer’s search. When the seller complained to Amazon’s complaint and changed its name, the puzzle was immediately sold.

3, set PPC advertising

Another way to get product attention is to create PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on Amazon. If you add new products to Amazon’s catalog and need to increase sales by selling, you can use PPC ads. A few cents per click can greatly increase sales and create more sales.

For example, a seller sells a high-priced board game but does not sell it. So, the seller spent a dollar or two on PPC advertising, and then sold the product and earned $100. Therefore, it is entirely worth spending money and time on PPC advertising.

4, continue to send new products

Perhaps you have heard rumors that if you stop sending inventory to Amazon, your sales rate will slow down. However, many experienced sellers report that the continuous delivery of new products will affect the time and overall sales of your buy-box.

It does not mean that you want to send more goods with slow sales. Sending any type of new inventory may trigger sales of old inventory to some extent.

5, check the duplicate product page

Sometimes, the solution to the problem of slow sales of goods is to find better product pages. Amazon constantly tries to remove duplicate product pages from their product catalogs, but this still happens from time to time. You may have a slow-selling product, and later you find that there is a lower-priced, lower-ranking product page.

If you find that your product has a product page with a higher sales ranking, you can send this product back to you and send it back to the FBA warehouse with a new SKU (inventory unit) for better Product page. Its pricing may be lower than you hope, but selling at a lower price is better than selling it. At least that way you can reinvest your capital in better goods.

The above five simple methods can help you stimulate sales in slow sales of inventory. You can put some of these suggestions into practice based on your actual inventory, and perhaps you will see more sales.

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