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Laborious cross-border electric business, whether you are a manufacturer of traders, or marketing professional speculation, eBay Amazon is inevitable, doing Amazon FBA is inevitable. Because Amazon has a greater traffic compared to eBay, a better image. There must be a lot of people scold me: “cliches, after knowing that you know.” Indeed, the above changes and the process as early as three or four years ago has occurred, until now is still in progress.

 In the process of change, because of the geographical constraints of mainland China, as well as cross-border fiscal and taxation, access to legal information barriers, coupled with Amazon more difficult to register, so derived from Amazon and sellers between the resource intermediaries, news vendors. They not only include credit card agents, bank accounts, including a account registration, multinational companies run, the tax d’affaires and so on, and even including false address to provide, water and electricity bills PS, etc., there is a market there is business, it is inevitable reasonable. The sale of these intermediaries to the hammer provides these procedures to you, so that you can easily carry out the immediate Amazon business activities. But is your Amazon seller account long term stable? Is your cargo flowing in long distance? Is your bank credit safe? These questions, they will not control, they are not capable of management. These things are you have to personally witnessed the face, to solve and bear.

Every risk, every uncertainty, can bring devastating consequences. British market “X *** t” computer peripheral equipment brand, single product week evaluation 4K +. In September 2014, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, France five stores because the tax problem in a week all shut down, shut down for more than 4 weeks, the British company has been controlled, facing huge fines. 2013 October to mid-November, Amazon large-scale investigation of small and medium-sized seller’s operating procedures, on Christmas Eve, most businesses in the FBA warehouse ready goods, shut down some Chinese seller account. Need to be added to improve the basic financial and tax information before they can continue to operate.

Amazon shameless rogue, Chinese sellers pitiful and sad. April-May 2014 Manchester-China students run the shell company, to provide vat to China freight forwarding goods, three months of illegal tax rebate 45w pounds, and most of the distribution has been lost. During the event a 20-foot container Amazon FBA electronics was publicly destroyed. ……. we see a lot of painful experience, the loss is not only the goods and funds, not only the energy and investment, the greater the loss is the head and death of the fighting spirit. We also belong to pay a large tuition fees after the precipitation down the people, and finally we took to Amazon in various countries overseas legal road.

 Legitimate business, need to say a little bit of import and export tax knowledge. Not missionary, layman taught outsiders, only with the Amazon FBA related and the main. The EU’s fiscal and taxation system is relatively complex and alternative, we use Germany as an example to talk about the taxes involved in the Amazon FBA, other countries are similar. 1, tariff Germany does not welcome the product you have to go in, we must pay customs duties. According to the name of the goods, HS code can be found in customs catalog tax rate. With our many years of experience in transporting FBA goods, electronic products are generally no tariffs, chemical products are generally tariffs.

This address can be investigated about the main countries can check. We recommend Amazon FBA sellers do not choose such products to operate sales, not easy to sell but also tariffs, why? Our FBA goods in the transport time, the general freight forwarding will say: pre-paid tariffs, customs duties, payment of customs duties, in fact, this statement is wrong, they are referring to the value-added tax, tariffs generally do not exist. 2, import VAT into the EU goods, are generally to enter the social food chain business and output. The EU stipulates that when entering the EU region, to pre-pay 20% of the value-added goods tax. British tax rate of 20%, Italy tax rate of 21%, the French tax rate of 19.6%, the German tax rate of 19% … everywhere can be investigated. The base of the tax is: the amount of the invoice. Please note that the import invoice on the product price to be basically reasonable, reasonable low it.

 Import value-added tax is pre-paid, after the completion of the import procedures, in the next month will be a lot of points back to the importer’s bank account. Imports of pre-paid part of the value-added tax, very play the first, are large and small domestic freight forwarding of the hidden point of profit. Profit point from two points: (1) low reported high income: two, three, four freight forwarding, the underlying freight forwarding mode of operation. Modify the customer to the invoice, the product declared value changed even lower, then pay the tax will be even lower. The actual expenditure of the tax less, but still in accordance with the value of the customer invoice to find the guests to tax, the difference is his profit. Many small freight forwarding, are relying on the survival of this, and even transport does not make money. (2) the next month tax rebate: some freight forwarding, their own in the EU registered a tax number, have their own shell vat (Value Added Tax), have their own shell Eori (Economic Operators Registration and Identification), then his approach On the senior point, he ate the tax rebate. All the guests to pay the import value-added tax, the second month all returned to his account, into his net profit. For the benefit of the guests, the more VAT he added, the happier he was. But the freight forwarding of this shell vat and Eori can not be long, the import of so many goods, no business behavior back so much tax, will soon be checked.

The general use of the cycle for two to six months, a few months later, the freight forwarding will apply for a vat, a few months for a few months for a change. But in the vat was seized during the transport of goods on the way, certainly not, and rescued out. Which shippers hit which owner is unlucky. 3, sales value-added tax Amazon FBA sellers in Amazon sales behavior, sales income, and if it is normal and legitimate business, need to pay sales value-added tax, tax rate with the import value-added tax. But the billing base is: Amazon sales, not the amount of the invoice when the import. Legitimate business, need to pay 20% (or so), the seller is a challenge, is a difficult thing. This 20% (left and right) do not pay, that is pure profit. Illegal business risk and 20% of short-term net profit, Amazon FBA sellers need to weigh the core issue. Think of this, the domestic Taobao days cat sellers, really happy years ah, more pure 20%. 4, income tax sales income minus the cost of goods, operating costs and sales of value-added tax, the net profit need to pay a certain percentage of income tax.

This part of the income tax, when the accounting firm to do the account, the basic can be flat out, you can manually make the cost of high profits to do flat, do not need to pay or pay less, it is legal. For example: apple in 2013 net profit only 6k million USD, ghost letter, but is legal. In the introduction of taxes, the doping of some legitimate, illegal business practices and cases, we said that the follow-up is the basis of bedding. The EU’s administrative regulations, fiscal and taxation policies, in all countries are also different. For example, in Germany is more rigid, according to the rules, impartial. In Germany, the registered company is prudent and serious, you have to bear the corresponding responsibilities and obligations, the German people for the legal person, Germany, the real registered address, no German will do for you fake. However, you press the chapter, he must act, not do not, is the “legal system”, not “rule”, which is the advantage.

The British veteran capitalism, the floating population more, the policy live a little, there are some small micro-enterprise tax-free policy, there are some special business tax policy, in other words is more empty, we like people. But the British series of this series with the Amazon FBA related policies, we study after the implementation of the discovery is still not ideal, can not meet the needs of the seller. For example: small micro-tax limit. The amount is very small, half a month to run out, and then operate on the tax. A number of small micro-enterprises for the back-end distribution of an Amazon FBA sellers of the output value and the goods, the operation is more complex, the financial cost is high, Amazon FBA sellers real company is difficult to flat account. The uncontested risks in business competition also include: being reported. In this way of playing the ball, the most afraid of is to report and complaints (most of the complaints are mostly peers, mostly Chinese), as long as he knows your waybill number, or the tax number, or Amazon shop, or you Of the brand, you can complain, no real name, no cost. This means of competition is completely no way to prepare, and his report cost is very low, Google point of information, a phone, a mail, tax, customs on the hum rip rip came to drink coffee. Speaking of tax and customs, their system is silly stupid, but the basic screening early warning function or some.

For example: a company name, a vat name for several months in a row imports a lot of goods, but has no sales behavior, it has not been taxed, the company will be tax and customs focus. We came across the customs to the guests of the German turnover warehouse inventory, the last customs officers told us that they and the tax system shows that the warehouse should have more than 60 tons of goods in, no sales out, they come to see if it is normal. The owner took them to the warehouse to see, and issued a recent flow of bills of lading, be regarded as no problem. If it is a special take the goods vat, then the whereabouts of more than 60 tons of goods is the focus, do not say a context is not bad. In short, the illegal operation of the state, it is difficult to avoid the Inland Revenue Department inspection, Amazon screening, and a check a quasi, unclear, can not solve. If the colleagues are still in this way to find a way to further try the river, we advise the limited energy into meaningful things up to promote marketing, product development; hundreds of years of capitalist countries, the loopholes are not good drilling of. Hey, that is more than tears, how much money we pay out, are sweat, are blood

The import VAT on the Amazon FBA is now under way to explain the illegal and legal differences in the delivery of Amazon FBA goods. Here refers to the Amazon FBA cargo transport, is shipped from the factory manufacturers to various countries Amazon FBA warehouse transport process, which is commonly known as the “Amazon FBA first-class transport.” We do not agree with the “headline” this argument, our logistics sector is divided into China’s domestic, Hong Kong Department, the Ministry of air transport, the Department of Shipping, the German headquarters, how many goods to be transshipment, tossing to reach the Amazon FBA warehouse, how Can be collectively referred to as “the first thing”? May directly send international courier, even if a process, called “the first thing” it, but in fact, UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex internal or a lot of “Cheng”.

Amazon FBA cargo transport clearance issues: in the edge of the ball, in the absence of corporate tax evasion, the goods to the customs, we often nervous. Thinking about walking the familiar airport, familiar with the customs clearance staff, although the RBI can not, but always able to say more than two, can explain two more. But when the normal operation of the company to submit customs clearance information, enough to pay off the customs value-added tax, I was the identity of the legal taxpayer, swaggering to the window, and from time to time have to lift the hands to see the table, to remind the customs I can not wait The When we are legally operating, customs clearance is not a problem, the company, the individual value to be reflected. In the EU, Germany, France, customs clearance, to provide the EU tariff, import and export business code, a reasonable invoice packing list, you can declare (if we on behalf of the declaration, the need to issue a “commissioned clearance”).

After the plane landed, the customs must be in 24 hours to provide you with all the convenience, so that you take the goods away, the problem is accidental, customs than you anxious. Amazon FBA Cost of transport of goods: the cost discussed here is only the cost of transport, do not consider the issue of goods tax fraud. Amazon FBA freight transport turnover costs are relatively high: air is in kilograms (Shenzhen to Europe up to 19 yuan / kg); shipping in the road for a long time, pressure pressure on the pressure; express not to mention, in addition to / 5000 volume, but also up to 0.5kg per box round (Shenzhen to Europe up to 28 yuan / kg). When you do not have legitimate importer information, you need to use someone else’s tax ID and importer status (he is illegal, but temporarily available), then borrow is to cost, monopoly resources to be charged. Usually these double-clear freight forwarding, will be in the normal tariff plus 10-20 dollars a kilogram (courier price reached 30-50 yuan / kg).

The name is double clear, is the service, is the resources, the risk of this way all by the owner in the bear, and this risk is completely uncontrollable. When you have a legitimate business identity, a formal importer and exporter status, you can jump off the freight forwarding, directly with UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex to sign the agreement to enjoy a fixed price fixed discount, their own control at any time, the official customer service You can eat and sell their parents; you can also directly with the airlines to talk about air, the normal exit declaration, import clearance process, there will be no insurmountable threshold. You can enjoy the normal logistics services, logistics costs will be substantially reduced. Especially when you are in normal business, all the goods from your own identity in the import and export, tax paid to your own tax account, then those freight forwarding “low yield”, “the next month tax rebate” trick, Are not done. Of course, the freight forwarding has a relationship with you, you are willing to send him not in this case.

But, you give a gift, but also in the Ming, but also probably know the weight of the right? Was made a pit was also a joke, it should not be. So, the need for each of the Amazon FBA seller weigh the core issues to be changed, and become a formula: to pay 20% of the sales value-added tax lawful business + convenient security and sound business strategy ≈ 20% short-term net profit + high Transportation costs + taxation, law, transport risk to see which side important, we weigh to do Here, if you want to pay 20% of the sales value-added tax lawful business, you can look down, but also intend to take risks, do not have to read down. First of all, your product’s gross margin has withstood 20% VAT stripping, but also to prove that your vision is good.

If you wish to take the road to the right track, you probably need to take the following steps: 1, the establishment of the EU companies, Hong Kong companies can be registered to Germany. 2, the domestic company to apply vat tax. 3, the domestic companies to apply for import and export license. 4, the company legal person to the German bank account. 5, the relevant information to the Amazon filing. 6, the Amazon operating income gradually transferred to the normal operation of the domestic companies. 7, commissioned by a professional accounting firm monthly accounts, the monthly quarterly tax returns. The above procedures, complicated, more professional, to the general domestic seller’s resources, is unlikely.

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