Amazon has finally voiced and will crack down on some unfair competition!

It is reported that some Amazon employees were suspected of leaking internal sales and keyword data last year, removing negative product reviews in exchange for bribes, and selling customer email addresses to sellers. Of course, Amazon is not allowed to do this. After the incident, these employees were fired!

In November of last year, “Amazon sellers late night tears complaints history: after being stared by VC this giant, I was eaten, trampled, shot five months! ! ! This article sensationalized the entire cross-border circle. The seller described the bitterness of being “engaged”. Of course, not only this seller, but also many people are deeply affected by the “big python”, many sellers have been ruined!

Finally, Amazon is vocal!

Foreign media said that with the increasing number of false comments, Amazon’s negative publicity is also increasing. Amazon said in a statement: “We have invested a lot of resources to protect the integrity of our reviews, have clear guidelines for participation by reviewers and sales partners, and we will take legal action against those who violate our policies.”

Amazon’s statement continues to outline their approach to reviewing manipulation and preventing root causes:

1. We use a combination of investigative teams and automation techniques to prevent and detect large-scale unrealistic reviews and take action against abuse of the bad guys who manipulate comments behind the scenes.

2. We estimate that more than 90% of untrue comments are generated by computers. We use machine learning techniques to analyze all incoming and existing comments and to block or delete untrue comments.

3. Our team investigates suspicious comments, works with social media sites, blocks untrue comments from the source, takes legal action to prevent violators from planning to abuse comments, and provides new information to our automated systems to continue to improve and improve discovery abuse. The efficiency of behavior.

4. These people openly ignore our community, our policies, and in some cases even ignore the law, we will work with sellers and law enforcement agencies to hold them accountable by detaining funds and pursuing civil and criminal penalties.

Amazon also said that any bad person who uses unfair competition will be punished!

I hope that Amazon can do it truthfully, crack down on those “bad guys” and make peace in cross-border circles!

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