Amazon hosts a competition to promote popular pet supplies

Pet supplies are a hot-selling category for Amazon, and the platform hopes to further open this market through action. Recently, Amazon launched a pet contest in the UK, of course, in order to increase the sales of pet supplies in the UK. The game begins on September 3 and ends on September 16.

Amazon will send information to people through social media, looking for Amazon’s pet face in 2018 to find Amazon’s official “endorsement face.”

Amazon organizes this contest, asking participating pet owners to submit pictures or videos of their dogs, cats, fish, birds and other small animals to the Facebook wall, or use the #AmazonPets tag via Twitter or Instagram. The pet owner can add text to tell the person who voted why he chose his pet.

Amazon said that the final judgement is decided by everyone. Which animal has the most videos, pictures, most likes, and most comments. The top 5 are selected according to these factors and submitted to the jury as a shortlist.

In the end, only one animal will crown the champion and become the best one. The champion pet will receive an Amazon gift card worth £1,500, and there will be six runner-ups in this competition, which will each receive a £200 Amazon gift card.

Amazon’s move not only promotes their company, but also increases consumer participation. The key is to further increase the sales of pet products in the UK.

James Bate, director of pet supplies at, said: “The UK is very friendly to animals. Many people are animal lovers. Amazon wants to organize various events to celebrate the big and small festivals for animals and to serve pet lovers in the UK.”

There is a reason why Amazon pays so much attention to the pet market. Not only in the UK, but also in the pet supplies market in the US and other developed regions. In the second quarter of 2018, sales of pet food on Amazon increased by 34% year-on-year to more than $360 million. As early as 2017, Amazon launched its exclusive “pet homepage.”

Pet products include food, health, beauty, clothing and electronic accessories. This category has a greater correlation with the season. For clothing, pets are also divided into winter and summer. Coats may be good to sell, and life jackets or swimwear are more popular in summer. Amazon’s vigorous development of pet supplies category, conditional sellers can take the opportunity to take advantage of.

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