Amazon is being “suppressed”, the cost of sellers on prime day is going up again

On July 16th, thousands of shoppers looking for discounted goods will gather in Amazon. This year, Amazon Prime Day is also the longest trading event in history. At this critical moment, Amazon’s advantage was collectively “suppressed” by 10 competitors. In this year’s prime day, the cost of third-party sellers may face a new round of increase.

Amazon was “suppressed” by 10 competitors

One of Amazon’s biggest strengths is the low commodity prices, but this year’s prime day situation is not optimistic, 10 competitors collectively suppress Amazon, their weapon is the price.

The 10 retailers are JCPenney, Target, Lowe’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom, Walmart, Fry’s Electronics, Advance Auto Parts.

Among them, Target provides price adjustment within 14 days after the customer purchases, if you find the same item on Amazon. Bring the proof of the lower price to the local store or call the company’s customer service, Target will adjust the price as required.

Lowe’s home improvement store will match the price of the same item on Amazon within 30 days of purchase. Simply introduce your competitor’s current ad to make price adjustments.

Wal-Mart offers price matching for stocks of the same size, model, quantity, brand and color. The policy applies to all products that must be sold and fulfilled by and that Wal-Mart currently stocks.

Fry’s Electronics prices match the same items on Amazon. If the price is higher than Amazon, the retailer will discount the price by 110%. If the price is found to be lower within 30 days of purchase, Fry’s will refund the difference of 110%.

The lowest price match of 10 retailers has threatened Amazon’s low price advantage, and the price of this prime day is destined to start. Meat is still that piece of meat, the difference is that the number of people staring at it has increased!

This year’s Amazon Prime Day shipping rate will rise

So many retailers have to seize the opportunity to achieve a big increase in sales during Prime Day. There is a problem, so many packages will inevitably lead to a rise in freight costs.

According to data from Standard & Poor’s Global Platz, the price of diesel fuel for Prime Day this year is about 45% higher than last year, while the price of jet fuel is more than 50% higher than a year ago. The price of gasoline is about 30% higher than the same period last year. .

Soaring fuel prices will be a test for Amazon and other online retailers, and the Prime Day event will be held during the busy summer months, when fuel demand is strong.

Industry insiders said: “The cost of Amazon will be affected.” So who is the cost of these rises, can you escape as a third-party seller on the platform?

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