Amazon is pushing a new niche product, and the search volume is higher than the iphone charger!

A few weeks ago, Amazon began selling AmazonBasics foam mattresses. Prices range from $129.99 for 8-inch to $349.99 for 12-inch. This price is almost the cheapest mattress on the market!

Products such as mattresses are not the hottest category in the big impressions, but why should Amazon sell such seemingly tasteless products? The following three reasons can be explained.

First, “mattress mattress” is the 42nd largest search term on

Will consumers buy mattresses on Amazon? This is nothing strange. The data shows that “Mattress” is the 42nd most searched entry on

This is a more popular word than “iphone chargers”, “paper towels” and even “baby wipes.” Search terms such as “Double Bed Mattress”, “Queens Mattress”, “Memory Foam Mattress” and “Full Size Mattress” also entered the top 1000. Not unexpected? I thought it was a “bronze”, but people are actually a “king”!

Second, the best-selling mattress on Amazon is unbranded.

The New York Times once mentioned in the report: “On Amazon’s search browser, about 70% of word searches are for general merchandise.” Searching for a mattress is a good example, shoppers are not looking for specific Brand. Perhaps because in addition to Casper, few mattress brands are common words.

This means that the market for mattress products is not controlled by the brand. When shoppers need it, they will directly enter the product keywords to search.

It’s also worth noting that in most cases, when shoppers look for mattresses, they end up choosing a price that is less expensive. The most popular of these products are Zinnia, Specialty Sleep, Lien Spa and Night Therapy. Their price ranges are similar, and these products have a lot of competition in reviews and ratings. For example, Zinus’ best-selling mattress has more than 22,000 reviews and scores of 5 points.

Any new product can be launched in such an environment and begin to accumulate market share, if its comments are better, prices are lower, advertising is more aggressive, or if Amazon gives a certain amount of traffic support. This kind of good thing Amazon will definitely not miss it!

Third, the mattress as a product is difficult to distinguish between good and bad

While some premium brand products have unique features, most markets sell similar products under different names. is one of the most trusted sites for unbiased ratings of sleep products, showing Casper customer satisfaction at 79% and Zinus at 76%. At similar price points, the winner is ranked first. However, few customers can objectively make decisions based on the quality of the mattress. Therefore, no one knows which mattress is the best.

So, when Amazon said: “Hey, the same mattress in Amazon costs only 1/4, free two-day Prime shipping, and thousands of comments.” How many customers still buy Casper mattresses?

Many people have come to the conclusion: “Amazon is now a competitor with Casper and Tuft & Needle,” but it is not.

All of your own branded mattresses on Amazon may not harm Casper or Tuft&Needle. Many brands believe that direct marketing is the future, and Casper is one of them. Amazon is moving in the opposite direction, winning more opportunities for no brands. In the long run, time will tell customers what is better and what is sustainable and profitable.

Therefore, this is not because Amazon has more customer data, or is selling its own brand, but their grasp of the shopping environment. Most customers search for generic keywords. If the reviews are good and the price is right, then consumers will definitely consider buying unbranded products.

So, all Amazon sellers, including private label sellers, please note that all you need to do is find a niche product like a mattress.

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