Amazon launches home shopping channel to help sellers increase sales

For Amazon sellers, increasing sales and account security are all important things. Recently, two new news related to the seller’s business: Amazon launched the Amazon live home shopping channel; 80% of US companies expect serious violations in 2019…

1. Amazon launches Amazon live’s home shopping channel

Amazon announced its own home shopping channel called Amazon Live, which is currently only available on its website. Unlike cable TV competitors, it can only launch one product at a time, and there is no countdown feature to put pressure on sales.

This is very important for the Amazon seller’s business, why?

In addition to the potential opportunities for Amazon dealers to now have this new online channel, the company has also launched a new app for US sellers using iOS devices. It’s called Amazon Live Creator, so smaller brands can also create real-time shows on mobile devices, showcase their products and answer viewers’ questions. These new technologies can definitely help Amazon’s small businesses raise awareness and hope to help them sell more products.

2, Trend Micro survey shows: 80% of US companies are expected to have serious violations in 2019

Network Security Solutions Inc. Trend Micro Incorporated announced the results of its Network Risk Index (CRI). The survey surveyed more than 1,000 US IT security professionals and found that 80% of IT business leaders expect serious hacking or successful cyber attacks next year.

For Amazon sellers who rely on the web, this is a bit scary! May affect the account and business.

Eight out of ten IT experts expect that many people will become victims of “major loopholes” this year. So how fragile is your network? There is no way to completely protect themselves, so the sellers relying on the network must do the necessary measures to minimize the risk of serious business interruption.

IT security company’s budget, what you can do now is to upgrade the software; provide training and frequent backup data; develop disaster recovery plans; update your network insurance.

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