Amazon launches new features to enter the home market, this category will reach $700 billion in 2020

Amazon launches Showroom to enhance the home visual shopping experience

Amazon has always been obsessed with the home market. A year ago, Amazon launched two own home brands – Rivet and Stone & Beam, to announce their entry into the home market. Today, Amazon is exploring further ways to enter the home sector and launch the “Showroom” feature.

This is a visual design tool, Showroom allows users to put furniture in a virtual living room, custom-made decoration, and then buy a variety of home products.

Although Amazon has not officially announced Showroom, a company spokesperson confirmed that this is a recent test that can now be used on Amazon and Amazon mobile apps.

Currently, the focus of the new feature is to help Amazon shoppers organize their living rooms. In a virtual environment, customers can adjust the color of the walls and the floor, and then choose to change every item in the space, including sofas, coffee tables, chairs, coffee tables, lights, carpets, and even wall art.

Visual search capabilities will greatly enhance the customer shopping experience

As the most famous social media network visual search engine on the Internet, Pinterest has 250 million active users per month, half of which are from the millennial generation of users in the United States. The users are mainly women, accounting for 81% of women, 60% new user.

Among them, about half of Pinterest users earn more than $50,000 a year, about 40% of users earn more than $100,000 a year, and about 10% earn more than $125,000 a year. By using Pinterest to understand what they want to buy, these users can help them make faster shopping decisions and greatly enhance their shopping experience.

Wal-Mart also launched a new home and decor home shopping site last year that has its own in-house brand and more visual, editorial-style images. It has also snapped up other home and decor retailers, including Hayneedle and recent, and is building its own visual search.

Although Amazon has not officially launched the Showroom feature, it is available on Amazon and Amazon mobile apps recently. “The Amazon showroom is a new way to visualize home shopping when customers shop online,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

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